Webinar: Wind Drivetrain Bearing Reliability

Live webinar is Tuesday, April 29 at 2 PM Eastern.  The bearings in a wind turbine drivetrain are the critical mechanical components whose failure most frequently causes costly downtime and repairs. Knowing the most common bearing failures is critical to successful wind plant operation. Understanding why wind turbine bearings fail will prepare you to make


Webinar: Planning for Substation Maintenance and Reliability

Live webinar date is Thursday, April 24 at 2 PM Eastern.  It can be difficult to determine exactly what is needed to properly plan preventative and routine substation maintenance. Owners and contractors must work together to ensure a successful outage period during maintenance. Properly planning substation maintenance is key in reducing outage downtime. In this


Webinar: Compliance and safety in confined spaces for the windpower industry

Live webinar was March 26, 2014. To watch on demand, fill out the form below.  Windpower technicians encounter confined spaces every day. At work, technicians are sometimes required to use chemicals or special equipment in small areas that could prove hazardous. How do you ensure safety when air or space is limited? In this webinar,


Webinar: Understanding the Root Causes of Axial Cracking in Wind Turbine Gearbox Bearings

Live webinar date was December 3, 2013. Watch the webinar on-demand by filling out the form below. Modern wind turbines are an important piece of our energy mix.  Unfortunately, gearbox life issues have impacted their financial payback.  Axial cracks in bearing raceways have become the major cause of premature gearbox failures in the latest generation of wind


Webinar: Improving Efficiency – Wind Forecasting and Assessment

Live webinar date was December 5, 2013. Watch the webinar on-demand by filling out the form below. As more wind energy is added to the grid, the inclusion of a weather measurement system to a wind farm is critical to ensure it meets financial and performance expectations. The data collected through the use of wind


Webinar: How to Reduce Expenses With Uptower Gearbox Repair

The date of the live webinar was November 21, 2013. Watch the webinar on-demand by filling out the form below. At a potential cost of $250,000 to $300,000 or more for a down-tower project, the repair of a wind turbine gearbox is one of the most costly expenses wind farm owners and operators face. Now,

wind safety at height webinar

Webinar: New Thinking and Tested Ideas for Working Safely at Height

Live webinar was Oct. 24, 2013. Watch the webinar on-demand by filling out the form below. Safety is more than a safety equipment. It must include a frame of mind for those who work at height, especially in the wind industry where “height” means up to 100 meters above the ground. Two aspects of safety

The Real Value From An End-of-Warranty Inspection

Webinar: The Real Value From An End-of-Warranty Inspection

Live webinar was October 31, 2013. You can watch the webinar on-demand by filling out the form below. Before a turbine leaves its usually two-year warranty period, a qualified third-party team should conduct a thorough inspection of the unit and deliver a report that details what needs OEM attention. Many OEMs will not process warranty

upwind monitoring

Webinar: Reducing Operating Expenses with the Latest Drivetrain Monitoring Technology

Live webinar was October 22, 2013. Watch the webinar on-demand by filling out the form below. UpWind Solutions and IFM discusses the value of a drive train monitoring solution and how wind farms owners can reduce their OpEx with the latest monitoring technology innovations. The presentation includes a brief history of condition based monitoring, a


Webinar: New Ideas for Replacing Unavailable or Obsolete Power Electronics in Turbines

Live webinar date was September 12, 2013. Watch the webinar on-demand by filling out the form below. A few essential turbine components are just not available from OEMs. One example: Xantrex Matrix Inverters for GE 1.5 MW turbines. Without the inverter, power from the turbine cannot be applied to the grid. But there is still