Webinar: Day-to-day condition monitoring for a large fleet of wind turbines

Live webinar is Thursday, February 19 at 2 PM Eastern. This webinar describes some of the challenges faced when monitoring a large fleet of wind turbines. Factors such as different turbine and gearbox types, different condition monitoring systems (CMS), geographically dispersed sites and variations in maintenance practice all make the job of a monitoring engineer


Webinar: An Engineer’s Guide to OSHA’s New Recommendations for Arc Flash Studies

Live webinar is Monday, February 2 at 2 PM Eastern. There are several calculation methods available to calculate arc flash risk in terms of incident energy, but until recently, there was no clear direction from OSHA about which calculation method was preferred. Because of this, several methods were used. The new final ruling of OSHA


Webinar: The Value of SCADA Infrastructure Virtualization on Wind Farms

This webinar was recorded on December 11, 2014. Fill out the form below to watch on demand. Wind farm owners and operators are beginning to realize the need for managing the critical infrastructure of their wind projects. They are confronted with several challenges including expired OEM warranties, software vendors dropping support for their products that


Webinar: Transient Wind Events and Their Effect on Drivetrain Loads

This webinar was recorded on December 3, 2014. Fill out the form below to watch on demand. Although wind turbines have been around for decades, recent research has been focused on what occurs in wind turbines under abnormal wind conditions. It is understood anecdotally that high gusts and turbulent winds can add to the chance


Webinar – How the U.S. wind industry stacks up against Germany and China: A manufacturing and supply chain analysis

This webinar was recorded on November 12, 2014. Please fill out the form below to watch on demand.   2014 will be a good year for the wind industry with about 14,000 MW in construction and ready to join the 64,000 MW already working. Although the manufacturing foundation of the U.S. wind industry is in good

Mitigating LTG on Wind Farms 200x200

Mitigating the Impact of Lightning on Wind Farms

Live webinar was recorded on October 28, 2014. Fill out the form below to watch on-demand. Lightning strikes are costly on wind farms – in both blade repair or replacement and disruptions to the power output. Lightning observations can be used to advise field service teams when it is safe to be on the nacelle


Webinar: Basics of the Power Inverter

This webinar was recorded on November 13, 2014. Fill out the form below to watch on demand. This webinar from PSI Repair Services will present the basics of power inverters. The presentation will discuss the purpose of inverters, how they work, and where they are used. Attendees will learn of the main components in power

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Webinar: Wind project site evaluations and their impact on development and longer-term asset management

This webinar was recorded on August 26, 2014. Fill out the form below to watch this webinar on demand. Site evaluations at potential wind farm sites are essential for good estimates of annual wind speeds there. Preliminary wind data increases the profitability and reliability of the wind farm because it allows selecting a turbine technology


Webinar: New Ideas for Repairing Gearboxes and Generators

Webinar was recorded on July 24, 2014. Fill out the form below to watch on demand.  Wind-turbine-gearbox and generator failures have been a challenge to the wind industry for years, but engineers at companies that design, refurbish, and study them say they have a handle on the real causes of the failures and how to repair


Webinar: Following the Wind Turbine Condition-Monitoring Circle

Live webinar is Tuesday, July 22 at 2 PM Eastern. Data from a Condition Monitoring System (CMS) in a wind turbine travels to the analyst, then to purchasing and O&M, who then sends it back to the wind turbine with a technician who will perform some action. You can see that CMS data affects many