Webinar: Increasing uptime and lowering LCOE through strategic planning – June 7, 2016

Tuesday, June 7, 2016 2:00pm ET/11:00am PT     The relationship between the OEM, supplier and operator has never been transparent in the wind industry. Operators have historically used suppliers recommended by the OEM or only purchased solely based on price, because the failure rates of the components and gearbox are not typically disclosed. Sentient

Webinar: Cost Benefit Analysis and Argument in Favor of Replacement of Mechanical Turbine Control Wind Sensors

This webinar was recorded on Wednesday, May 4, 2016. On Demand coming soon… This webinar will address the costs and benefits of replacing mechanical wind sensors with ultrasonic wind sensors for Operations & Maintenance (O&M) service providers to utility-scale wind energy projects. Costs and benefits will include both financial and risk considerations over the typical

Webinar: Power Performance Measurements: Cheaper Faster Better

This webinar was held on Thursday, April 21, 2016. Click Here to watch on demand. This webinar will provide a vision of power curve testing under the new IEC standard.  The use of lidar and other remote sensing technologies is expected to revolutionize power curve testing, eliminating the need for expensive permanent met towers for

Webinar: Blade Maintenance: Observations from the Field and Practical Solutions – March 23, 2016

This webinar was held on Wednesday, March 23, 2016. Click Here to view on demand. Wind turbines and their blades represent a substantial investment for any renewable energy project. In this webinar, learn how our experienced blade service technicians use field knowledge to combat issues such as blade erosion and lightning damage. We will provide

Webinar: Asset Management: Multiple Perspectives and Common Goals

Webinar recorded on Tuesday, February 23, 2016. Fill out the form below to watch on demand. Asset Management is the art and science of helping project owners make the right decisions to optimize the lifecycle performance and profitability of a project. In this webinar, learn how our Asset Managers provide oversight of wind and solar

Webinar: Effective Ways to Prevent Wind Blade Erosion

Live webinar was recorded on February 2, 2016. Fill out the form below to watch on demand.   Maximizing efficiency of wind turbines is a vital consideration for operators, and managing erosion is a vital method to achieve this. Studies have consistently shown that erosion can lead to a loss in annual energy production (AEP)

Increase AEP by 2% With Improved Wind Measurement

Live webinar was held on January 21, 2016. Fill out the form below to view on demand.   Wind Measurements in Front of the Rotor with iSpin: Higher Yield, Lower Loads, Better Insights The iSpin technology at the spinner allows owners to accurately measure the most important input parameter of wind turbine operation: the wind speed

Proactive Turbine Damage Reduction

This webinar was recorded on December 8, 2015. Fill out the form below to watch on demand.  Quantifying the value of reducing Transient Loads, utilizing a cost-based FMEA approach There is ample evidence that many of the most critical and costly wind turbine drivetrain components require either repair or replacement long before reaching their often targeted

Reducing Composite Defects in Blade Manufacturing

Live webinar recorded on November 2, 2015. Fill out the form below to watch on demand. 3M has been the pioneer in developing process aids (eg. Dry Lay Up Adhesive – DLUA) to reduce defects such as waves, wrinkles, fiber misalignment etc. 3M’s proven solution has been used successfully in the market for more than

Root Cause Analysis: Understand Why Electronic Parts Fail In Your Wind Turbine

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 2:00pm EDT/11:00am PDT Can’t understand why certain performance problems keep recurring with your wind turbines? Let PSI Repair Services show you the importance of identifying the source of electronic-related performance problems with root cause analysis. As a leading Independent Service Provider (ISP) in the wind energy industry, PSI uses innovative methods