Webinar: Asset Management: Multiple Perspectives and Common Goals

Asset Management is the art and science of helping project owners make the right decisions to optimize the lifecycle performance and profitability of a project. In this webinar, learn how our Asset Managers provide oversight of wind and solar projects by managing the projects and their commercial agreements to optimize returns over a project’s lifecycle.

Webinar: Effective Ways to Prevent Wind Blade Erosion

Maximizing efficiency of wind turbines is a vital consideration for operators, and managing erosion is a vital method to achieve this. Studies have consistently shown that erosion can lead to a loss in annual energy production (AEP) of up to 20% on severe cases. This figure is hard to ignore, and highlights the ROI benefits

Increase AEP by 2% With Improved Wind Measurement

Wind Measurements in Front of the Rotor with iSpin: Higher Yield, Lower Loads, Better Insights The iSpin technology at the spinner allows owners to accurately measure the most important input parameter of wind turbine operation: the wind speed and direction. This allows operators to determine undetected yaw misalignment. After correcting the yaw misalignment, owners can

Proactive Turbine Damage Reduction

This webinar was recorded on December 8, 2015. Fill out the form below to watch on demand.  Quantifying the value of reducing Transient Loads, utilizing a cost-based FMEA approach There is ample evidence that many of the most critical and costly wind turbine drivetrain components require either repair or replacement long before reaching their often targeted

Reducing Composite Defects in Blade Manufacturing

3M has been the pioneer in developing process aids (eg. Dry Lay Up Adhesive – DLUA) to reduce defects such as waves, wrinkles, fiber misalignment etc. 3M’s proven solution has been used successfully in the market for more than a decade. 3M’s introduces the innovative Dry Lay Up Adhesive 2.0 which has revolutionized the spray

Root Cause Analysis: Understand Why Electronic Parts Fail In Your Wind Turbine

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 2:00pm EDT/11:00am PDT Can’t understand why certain performance problems keep recurring with your wind turbines? Let PSI Repair Services show you the importance of identifying the source of electronic-related performance problems with root cause analysis. As a leading Independent Service Provider (ISP) in the wind energy industry, PSI uses innovative methods

Comparing Remote Sensing Systems to Met Towers

Fill out the form below to watch on demand. Have you adopted remote sensing systems in your wind measurement program, or are you considering adopting them? Remote sensing systems are being used worldwide to help improve the profitability and efficiency of wind resource assessments and wind farm operations. By measuring wind at heights higher than

New Methods for Accurately Detecting Lightning Strikes to Turbines

Enjoy this exclusive webinar from Indji Systems and Vaisala by filling out the form below. Research has shown wind turbine blades are frequently struck by lightning and in some cases the same turbine is struck multiple times per year. Identifying which turbines were struck and when can lead to a targeted, more immediate inspection of

WindBridge Advantage: Easy Anemometer Replacement for Any Turbine, Any Time

This webinar was recorded on September 1, 2015. Fill out the form below to watch on demand.  Within the next years more than 80% of the wind turbines in North America will be operating past the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty. This means these turbines be maintained under a series of maintenance contracts. The companies

On Demand Webinar: How to Reduce OpEx With Engineered Parts

This webinar was recorded on August 18, 2015. Fill out the form below to view on demand.  Watch this free webinar “Reducing OpEx With Engineered Parts – Gearbox Life Extension” brought to you by Windpower Engineering & Development and Upwind Solutions. A new strategy for reducing OpEx on a wind farm is by using engineered parts that are designed to