Breakthrough Solutions for Blade Access to Improve Productivity

Wind turbine owners and operators face tough choices for optimizing blade surface repair.   Learn from 3M and Spider the strategy for improving the quality of blade repair and protection at reduced cost.  The webinar covers the latest breakthrough in blade access technology which provides a safer, more cost-effective and efficient solution for OEMs, O&Ms, plant owners

Community Wind: Financing Options and Capital Markets

Uncertainty of the Production Tax Credit extension has made investors hesitant to finance wind projects. Therefore, finding funding can be difficult, especially for community wind projects. However, many communities are finding creative ways to fund their farms. In a special one-hour presentation, industry experts will discuss financing options, how to properly structure a financeable project,

Improving Wind Turbine Design Through Advanced Simulation Techniques

Advancements in simulation technology continue to provide benefits to engineers in the field of wind power engineering. Windpower engineers now have the ability to simulate all aspects of the wind turbine; from detailed structural models of the blades that determine stresses and strains, to highly accurate aerodynamic models of the rotor that reflect its response

Reducing Blade Repair Costs With Suspended Access Platforms

Wind turbine owners are faced with expensive choices when it comes to blade inspection and repair work. But there are alternatives. The case studies in this webinar will show how suspended platforms provide a stable, simple, modular approach to blade access. Hear our trainer and industry veteran tell how faster mobilization and smaller crew sizes

Optical Fiber Applications for Wind Power Systems

In this webinar, you will learn some of the driving forces behind the evolution of wind power systems as well as the design challenges, specifically in the area of data communications. Solutions for high-reliability communications links using optical fiber technology will be presented. These solutions offer the galvanic isolation and electrical noise immunity required to

Better Bearings for Wind Turbine Reliability

Replacing failed bearings in wind-power equipment is no easy task. But after 20 years of concentrated effort, bearing manufacturers have devised designs that carry loads that fluctuate with wind gusts and work well in electric fields around generators. Viewers of this Webcast will hear presenters discuss the problems with bearing that shorten their life and

Financing a Wind Project

Financing a wind farm is one aspect of development that seems to be in constant flux. For a three-perspective view of the current financial landscape, join us for this webinar. Attorney Graham Noyes addresses the financing tools and incentives available to developers. Matt Mooney speaks on the financial instruments that made the Flatwater Wind project

Wind Turbine Reliability – The Importance of Highly Reliable Pitch Control and Blade Sensing Systems

In this 40 minute webinar, learn how two common hazards can hamper a wind turbine’s production. Wind-turbine owners and operators may experience a significant reduction of generated power, reducing overall turbine efficiency, if they don’t take into account: Blade Icing Failed Slip Rings Issues Increased Reliability In this free webinar, we explore how Moog Blade