Leasing options for small wind energy

United Wind offers leasing options to small wind customers in the United States. The company’s unique WindLease program lets qualified users generate wind power on their property with no upfront costs. In this podcast, we speak with United Wind’s Co-founder and CEO, Russell Tencer. He talks to us about small and distributed wind power and

Ensuring worker safety in the wind industry

Welcome to this WindTalk podcast, a series of discussions with wind-industry leaders. In this edition, we talk with Dustin Schneider, a Fall-protection Expert at Capital Safety, a 3M company. With over 17 years of experience, Dustin works directly with end-users and distributors to provide the best safety resources and training at industrial work sites. Here Dustin speaks to us

A new approach to wind-flow modeling

Welcome to this WindTalk podcast, a series of discussions with wind-industry leaders. In this edition, we talk with Liz Walls, the Co-founder of software-development company Cancalia Engineering & Consulting. Here she discusses the importance of wind modeling and the development of Continuum, a new wind-flow modeling software that provides a range of services, including met

Fall protection and safety training for wind-turbine technicians

Along with being one of the top turbine manufacturers, Siemens is also strongly committed to safety in the wind industry. In 2013, the company opened a 40,000-square-foot Wind Service Training Center in Orlando, Florida. It is one of four wind-training centers that Siemens operates globally. In this WindTalk podcast Billy Watts, the CEO for Siemens’

Solvent safety in the wind industry

Inland Technology is involved with the research and development of environmentally conscientious solvent alternatives. In this WindTalk podcast, the VP of Inland Technology Eric Lethe discusses solvent safety and chemical use in the wind industry.

Turbine O&M, overhaul, and life extension

Wind-turbine manufacturer, Gamesa, recently completed ‘Overhaul and Life Extension’ upgrades to a wind farm in Wyoming. In this WindTalk podcast, Philippe Dellevile, Gamesa’s VP of Services in North America, discusses turbine upgrades, O&M, and the overhaul program related to the Wyoming wind project. This WindTalk podcast is brought to you by ExxonMobil.      

Evaluating energy storage systems with an audit

Greensmith, a provider of grid-scale energy storage software and integration solutions, recently released a new audit service for energy storage that helps system developers evaluate the design of their storage system and improve performance. In this WindTalk podcast, Greensmith CEO John Jung discusses wind power and energy storage, and how an auditing service can help

Hitting new milestones: Wind energy in Canada

Canada recently became the 7th country in the world to surpass 10,000 MW of installed wind energy capacity, enough to power over three million homes annually. In this WindTalk edition, Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) President Robert Hornung discusses the country’s wind-power successes and challenges, and what he predicts for the future wind industry in

Prolonging turbine life with predictive software

Stephen Steen is the head of Industrial Internet Solutions at Sentient Science, a third-party solution provider for wind-farm owners, operators, and OEMs. The company recently developed a prognostics-based computational solution for wind farms, which lets turbine owners predict failures 90% earlier than by diagnostic approaches alone. In this Wind Talk podcast, Steen speaks to us

New ideas in blade repairs with Abaris Training

Repair instructor, Lou Dorworth, of Abaris Training recently wrote an article on new techniques for repairing wind turbine blades (which will be featured in our June issue). In this Wind Talk podcast, he explains the types of blade damage commonly found, conventional methods for repairs, and new ideas for returning damaged blades into like-new.