How appealing is wind energy in the U.S.?

Welcome to another edition of Wind Talk, a Windpower Engineering and Development podcast series that gives you the opportunity to hear from industry newsmakers in their own words. In this podcast, Troy Miller, Business Development and Marketing Manager in the Power Quality Products Division at S&C Electric Company, discusses the United States’ demand for wind

Muir Data Systems discusses its new software for ISPs

Muir Data Systems (MDS) recently released its Sequoia CMMS, a software product designed for Independent Service Providers (ISPs) performing blade maintenance work. In this Wind Talk podcast, James Parle, CEO of MDS will discuss the software, and its benefits to ISPs and the wind-energy industry.

Why a virtual SCADA server makes sense

A wind park typically uses several OEM servers, one working as a real-time SCADA server, another as a database server, and often a third as a remote-access server, all of which take up substantial space and require a lot of manpower to keep running at peak performance. If one goes down, the wind farm owner

Invenergy exec discusses why you should attend AWEA’s Wind Energy Finance & Investment Seminar

The AWEA Wind Energy Finance & Investment Seminar is right around the corner and Jim Murphy of Invenergy LLC is the program chair. The seminar, held next week in New York, will focus on banking and financial issues as they pertain to investing in wind-energy projects. In this podcast, Jim will discuss a few seminar

Wind Talk: A look inside AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER 2014

Welcome to another edition of WindTalk, our podcast series that gives you the opportunity to hear from the industry’s news-makers in their own words. Today I’m joined by Paul Gallagher, COO of Fishermen’s Energy. Paul is a chairman for the upcoming AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER event in Atlantic City, New Jersey and is here to give

How benchmarking your company benefits clients

Not long ago, the wind-turbine service company UpWind Solutions asked the consulting firm DNV GL to benchmark it on nine key areas. The areas include O&M general service, availability, parts procurement & inventory, safety & quality, turbine experience, supplemental offerings, engineering & technical, organizational, and financial service. You many ask: Why these? So did we.

Romax Technology’s Dr. John Coultate talks scaling wind, Romax consultancy, and end of warranty inspection

In this episode of Wind Talk we speak with Dr. John Coultate, head of monitoring and O&M consultancy at Romax Technology. Romax offers turn-key solutions for drivetrain design; engineering and strategic consultancy; solutions for drivetrain health management and drivetrain simulation software. John talks about the challenges of scaling wind energy. He also discusses some of the lessons that

After hitting a major milestone, Siemens sets sights on growing investments

Siemens Energy recently announced it reached 10 GW of installed wind capacity in the Americas. This achievement highlights the company’s continued success and its commitment to the wind-energy industry. Kirk Edelman, CEO of Siemens Financial Services’ Project and Structured Finance – Energy business, joins us to discuss hitting this major milestone, investment trends, and the

Finding an ROI when up-rating or de-rating a wind turbine

O&M crews work hard making sure wind turbines hit the 20-year mark as profitable machines. As they close in on that birthday, it may be necessary to curb their power outputs, although some cases allow boosting it a bit. But how do the changes affect reliability and what its return on investment? Stephen Steen at

The changing face of O&M: A podcast with GE’s General Manager of Wind Services Andy Holt

The work of wind technicians is changing as wind turbines change. Most techs are finding that newer turbines call for less torquing and fewer oil changes but more control tuning. In this podcast, GE’s General Manager of Wind Services discusses trends in operations and maintenance practices, the skills the company looks for in wind technicians,