Webinar: Increasing uptime and lowering LCOE through strategic planning

The relationship between the OEM, supplier and operator has never been transparent in the wind industry. Operators have historically used suppliers recommended by the OEM or only purchased solely based on price, because the failure rates of the components and gearbox are not typically disclosed. Sentient knows those failure rates and has been aggregating the

April 2016 issue: Innovators & influencers issue, WINDPOWER 2016 + more

02 EDITORIAL Why can’t some utilities just work with the wind industry? 08 WINDWATCH Preview of WINDPOWER 2016 in New Orleans, Wikov gears, Guard for leading-edge erosion, Making construction, sustainable work, Ask a wind tech, Windwork around North America 40 INTERNET OF THINGS Talking with turbines through the Internet of Things   Why can’t Ohio

Webinar: Blade Maintenance: Observations from the Field and Practical Solutions

Wind turbines and their blades represent a substantial investment for any renewable energy project. In this webinar, learn how our experienced blade service technicians use field knowledge to combat issues such as blade erosion and lightning damage. We will provide you with the knowledge of how a comprehensive blade inspection and repair plan can increase

February 2016 issue: Leadership in Wind, improve lube seals, rise of renewables + more

01 EDITORIAL Showing Leadership in wind 06 WINDWATCH VariLoad, Fugro Trenching, 2015 leadership winners, Wind work around North America 14 COMPONENTS How a coil spring improves lube seals 18 RELIABILITY Building a framework for better floating wind systems 22 BOLTING Is a maintenance-free bolt connection possible on wind turbines? 26 FINANCE Rise of renewables spells

Webinar: Asset Management: Multiple Perspectives and Common Goals

Asset Management is the art and science of helping project owners make the right decisions to optimize the lifecycle performance and profitability of a project. In this webinar, learn how our Asset Managers provide oversight of wind and solar projects by managing the projects and their commercial agreements to optimize returns over a project’s lifecycle.

Proactive Turbine Damage Reduction

This webinar was recorded on December 8, 2015. Fill out the form below to watch on demand.  Quantifying the value of reducing Transient Loads, utilizing a cost-based FMEA approach There is ample evidence that many of the most critical and costly wind turbine drivetrain components require either repair or replacement long before reaching their often targeted

Windpower Engineering and Development Digital Edition October 2015

Are you ready for your cyber attack? The nature of warfare changes constantly. Static trench warfare played a big role in WWI, but improved air power and a more mobile battle tank brought much greater fluidity to WWII, making trenches obsolete. Later wars erased the idea of a front line altogether. WWII more importantly, became

Comparing Remote Sensing Systems to Met Towers

Fill out the form below to watch on demand. Have you adopted remote sensing systems in your wind measurement program, or are you considering adopting them? Remote sensing systems are being used worldwide to help improve the profitability and efficiency of wind resource assessments and wind farm operations. By measuring wind at heights higher than

Windpower Engineering and Development Digital Edition August 2015

In this Issue: Digital twins and JIT training chop costs off O&M Home sweet bat home Gold wind 2.5 MW DD

Windpower Engineering and Development Digital Edition June 2015

Featured in Windpower Engineering and Development June 2015 Innovation & Influencers Issue Software: Online classes that count Lidar just for yaw correction Drones as blade inspectors now, other services soon