Webinar: Blade Assets – Extend Life and Reduce Risks with Proactive Maintenance

This webinar will provide information on important steps you can take to implement a proactive blade maintenance program. Preventative maintenance and operations programs not only protect wind assets, they improve energy production and boost profitability. Semi-Technical to technical professionals or anyone evaluating wind turbine blade asset management should attend. . Business titles can include: Structural

How to select a connector’s solutions provider in renewable energy

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Webinar: New Thinking and Tested Ideas for Working Safely at Height

Safety is more than a safety equipment. It must include a frame of mind for those who work at height, especially in the wind industry where “height” means up to 100 meters above the ground. Two aspects of safety will be presented in this webcast. One by Paul Channell with Safety Partners Ltd will discuss

Webinar: The Real Value From An End-of-Warranty Inspection

Before a turbine leaves its usually two-year warranty period, a qualified third-party team should conduct a thorough inspection of the unit and deliver a report that details what needs OEM attention. Many OEMs will not process warranty claims after the warranty period. For this Planning the end-of-warranty inspection webcast, independent service provider Upwind Solutions will

Webinar: Reducing Operating Expenses with the Latest Drivetrain Monitoring Technology

UpWind Solutions and IFM discusses the value of a drive train monitoring solution and how wind farms owners can reduce their OpEx with the latest monitoring technology innovations. The presentation includes a brief history of condition based monitoring, a review of the hardware available, how to capture and use the large amounts of data, and