The Nature Conservancy completes $1.2 million renewable energy project

The Nature Conservancy has completed a $1.2 million renewable energy project, installing solar and wind systems that will almost eliminate the use of fossil fuels at Palmyra Atoll. “Installing solar and wind energy at Palmyra will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels by 95%,” said Mark Fox, acting executive director of the Conservancy’s Hawaii and

Student summit educates and excites future engineers

The HOUSTEX 2015 Student Summit, sponsored by SME, hosted 64 students and nine educators from seven area high schools at the George R. Brown Convention Center in February. This year’s summit aimed to introduce students to the advantages of myriad careers in manufacturing, with a focus on 3D printing and alternative energy sources. Students competed

Wraps come off Siemens 3.3 MW low-wind turbine

Turbine OEMs are constantly looking for ways to improve on existing models. Siemens’ recent SWT-3.3-130, with a 3.3 MW nominal power rating and 130-m rotor diameter, does just that. Ideal for medium to low-wind environments, the turbine is the newest addition to Siemens’ D3 platform (D for direct-drive technology and 3 for the predominant megawatt

SheerWind to start first project in Europe

SheerWind recently signed a licensing agreement that will allow its technology to be marketed and deployed in Denmark. The agreement will enable wind-power developer E-Venturi, based in Slagelse, Denmark, to introduce SheerWind’s Invelox wind delivery system to potential customers. The pilot project is expected to be built in Denmark before the end of the year. E-Venturi will be the first company

New system for design and quality control testing

The complete AccuDyne AC Dynamometer system for wind power testing applications is now available from SAKOR Technologies. The system can be used by multiple engineering groups to test and verify designs, as well as for quality control testing after manufacturing. Available in sizes ranging from 3 kW to 10 MW, AccuDyne Dynamometers are appropriate for

Floating vertical-axis turbine makes waves in Europe

Leave it to clever French engineers to defy convention. Just scan the photos of offshore turbines going up in Europe and there is nary a floating two-blade or vertical-axis turbine in sight. But that will soon change thanks to the inventive minds at Nénuphar. In 2006, co-founders Charles Smadja and Frédéric Silvert launched the Vertiwind

3.XM series turbines equipped for medium- and high-wind environments

Senvion could not have achieved 10 GW installed worldwide without the help of its 3.XM series turbines, more specifically the 3.4M104 and 3.2M114, the latter of which was recently launched in Canada. The 3.4M104 platform led to the development of the 3.XM series, Senvion said. All 3.XM series turbines are characterized by a modular, hybrid

GE will supply 19 turbines to BIGA RES wind farm in Turkey

GE will supply energy developer IÇDAS with 19 GE 3.2-103 wind turbines for the BIGA RES wind farm, located near the town of Canakkale in northwestern Turkey. The 60-MW wind farm will feature GE’s most powerful wind turbine—the 3.2-103—and will be the first units of this type installed anywhere in the world. The BIGA RES

Lloyd’s Register allies with MaxGrip to develop new software

Lloyd’s Register Energy announced it is forming an alliance with MaxGrip to develop a new risk-based inspection (RBI) software module called “strEAM+ RBI.” The collaboration leverages Lloyd’s Register Energy’s integrity engineering and RBI experience with MaxGrip’s expertise in software development and its strEAM+ framework—which offers a unique software solution that directly embeds into an enterprise’s

Norvento lengthens blade, extends rotor diameter, lowers turbine cost

Medium-scale wind turbine manufacturer Norvento has launched a new, extended 24-m rotor for its nED100 turbine, capable of increasing the Annual Energy Production (AEP) of the 100 kW machine by 8% on average. With a 20% Feed-in Tariff degression planned for April 2015, the new rotor—available at no additional cost to new buyers—will help landowners