Siemens Gamesa to provide service for a total of 55 turbines at four Innogy wind farms in Poland

Siemens Gamesa currently has over 500 wind turbines in operation in Poland with a combined capacity of more than 1 GW.

Liftra blade handling device tilts big blades for easier turbine assembly

The photos show the Liftra LT5002 installing the 73.5 m blades on a Haliade 150-6MW turbine, an operation that went smoothly on all accounts.

Pattern Development completes financing of Stillwater Wind project in Montana

Construction of the project by Pattern has begun and it is expected to reach commercial operation in September of this year. During each year of operations, the 79.75 MW facility will generate energy equal to the needs of more than 23,000 Montana homes.

Turbine blades that bend & twist can improve their power output

The 20-meter-long test blade can rotate slightly around its own axis should strong gusts occur in order to mitigate the wind pressure to a certain degree.

The U.S. offshore wind Industry’s launch brings other projects closer to construction

Governors from both New York and New Jersey announced commitments to launch the nation’s largest offshore wind solicitations. These commitments confirm the strong business case for offshore wind.

Saelig introduces economical smartphone-based thermal cameras

Saelig Company, Inc. ( has introduced the Fotric 220 Series Thermal Cameras – cost-effective infrared imaging devices that combine state-of-the-art infrared technology with smartphone capabilities.

Large offshore turbines have reached remarkable outputs & will likely get larger

The Switch large offshore medium-speed PMGs typically feature a single or two-stage gearbox and have a much higher annual energy production compared with conventional generators. As an option, The Switch offers a highly integrated medium-speed PMG version as an optimized solution.

K2 sees good financial news, sort of: No lack of capital but a lack of projects

Reducing the corporate tax by 14% points means there is much less financial tax equity appetite in the market under the well-known PTC and ITC (Production Tax Credit and Investment Tax Credit) regimes.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance report has suggestions for the RE100 cities

• There are a variety of ways a company can meet its clean energy targets (73% of the clean energy purchases from RE100 companies as of 2016 came from the purchasing of unbundled certificates, or utility contracts that involve the purchasing of certificates).

Hexion to introduce new products for wind energy rotor blade manufacturing At JEC

Hexion Inc. is introducing a new tackifying spray system as well as new epoxy bonding paste and resin repair kits for use in rotor blade maintenance, all with enhanced environmental and performance characteristics.