Castrol Optigear reduces gearbox friction and wear

Forty percent the unplanned downtime on windfarms is caused by gearbox failure. Bearing failures are the most important issue in wind turbine gearbox maintenance, accounting for 70% of gearbox failures*. This can mean losses of up to $200,000 per event, and drastic increases to the levelized cost of energy. But it’s a problem that can be managed.

Castrol Optigear provides a range of leading high-performance gear oils, proven to reduce friction, actively resist wear and extend the life of a gearbox.

Maximizing the efficiency of every gearbox depends on the control of friction. Gearbox friction generates excessive heat, putting thermal stress on system components which causes wear and pitting. This shortens the life of component parts and reduces gearbox performance, causing unscheduled downtime and replacement/labor costs.

Castrol Optigear, a solution to the problems listed, provides a range of leading high-performance gear oils, proven to reduce friction, actively resist wear and extend the life of your gearbox. Take control of your energy costs and keep your turbines turning for longer, opt for Castrol Optigear.

Castrol Optigear Synthetic CT320, one of several blends, is a premium synthetic oil for wind turbine gears operating in wide temperature range and under high loads.  Castrol Optigear Synthetic is suited for high-capacity wind turbine gears and delivers robust surface protection and reduces gear friction.

  • Castrol Optigear Synthetic CT 320 retains half the water PPM on average than our nearest competitor using similar types of chemistry**
  • Ultra-low water retention: 70 PPM average in service – particle counts remain low over 8 years
  • Higher viscosity index ( VI= 180) for wider operating temperatures
  • Advanced “ash-less technology” that is proven to run cooler ( up to 8°C ). Provides consistent wear protection for up to eight years of oil life.
  • 20% less foam than competitors
  • Formulated for easy conversion from other competitive oils and a favorite of operators with mixed turbine fleets or complex maintenance schedules

After over 8 years in the field, visual and borescope inspections show gearboxes to be in excellent condition with exceptionally clean parts, no abnormal wear.  Performance testing demonstrates tremendous advantages under like for like conditions and fully supports the excellent field results.

Castrol  Optigear has been the exclusive fist fill with Vestas since 2013 with over 40,000 MW and growing globally.  Other gearbox approvals are Winergy, Bosch Rexroth, ZF, and Moventas.

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