Classic wind-mill blade inspires one for a wind turbine

A new turbine blade design is said to overcome most of the handicaps of conventional designs including cost, manufacturing complexity, and maintenance.

Turbines from Carter Wind aimed at utilities, distributed, and microgrid generation

The wind turbine technology Carter has developed is most significant in that it produces four times the energy per pound of equipment weight versus conventional wind turbine designs.

Say hello to Nabrawind Technologies and its ideas for wind turbine scaling

Nabrawind has developed two solutions to break logistic and installation barriers of the two most important components (both in size and cost) of the wind turbine generator: the self-erecting tower Nabralift and the joint of modular blades Nabrajoint.

Blade tips may be the next hot retrofit device. 7.8% production boost in one test

The proposed tip extension is made of two shells of fiberglass reinforced epoxy glued together and filled with epoxy foam before being fitted to the blade. The product will be available later this year in the UK, Ireland and US.

Sika launches new industry market website:

Now live, the new Sika Industry website offers visitors quicker and easier access to essential information and features, and a more comprehensive understanding of Sika Industry’s technologies, applications, services and technical information.

IDTechEx says biocomposite market to exceed $140 million by 2027

IDTechEx forecasts the revenue for bast Fibers used in composite parts to exceed $140 million by 2027, which would have been greater still if the supply could be grown fast enough to match the burgeoning demand.

Nabralift allows building tall towers (100m and more) without tall cranes

Nabralift breaks all the tower logistic barriers for any hub height. It is a game-changer technology for onshore Wind Farms located within islands or on mountainous onshore sites.

Two-part blade solves long-blade transport problems

Nabrajoint is conceived to have a simple integration in the blade, without relevant modifications in the global design.

Nanomyte’s hydrophobic and corrosion-fighting materials cut O&M costs & let turbines work longer

NANOMYTE SuperAi is a nanocomposite coating that imparts anti-icing properties to the underlying substrate. Surfaces treated with SuperAi exhibit reduced ice adhesion (by up to 60%), thereby preventing ice buildup.

Preparing for takeoff: A guide to drones

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