Nanomyte’s hydrophobic and corrosion-fighting materials cut O&M costs & let turbines work longer

NANOMYTE SuperAi is a nanocomposite coating that imparts anti-icing properties to the underlying substrate. Surfaces treated with SuperAi exhibit reduced ice adhesion (by up to 60%), thereby preventing ice buildup.

Preparing for takeoff: A guide to drones

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Port Corpus Christi hits wind-turbine cargo milestone, with plans for expansion

By the end of 2017, Port Corpus Christi is expected to reach a new wind-turbine cargo milestone by handling more than 3,000 large turbine components, including blades and tower sections. In 2015 and 2016, the number of wind-turbine components handled via Port Corpus Christi, which is located on the western Gulf of Mexico, was 2,603

Fraunhofer researches how to prevent rain erosion on turbine blades

Smalls drops, big impact: Even just minor rain erosion damage on rotor blade surfaces can impair performance and shorten the service life of wind turbines. This is according to research and development institute, Fraunhofer Iwes, which has launched a three-year study into the effect of rain erosion on wind-turbine blades. Fraunhofer has been operating a

Altitec completes blade inspection & repair at UK wind farm

Altitec, a specialist in global blade inspection and maintenance, has completed lightning damage inspection and repairs at the Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm, as part of its maintenance work at the site. The work this summer followed end of warranty (EOW) inspections carried out last year and featured two teams operating on-site over a period of

Inspecting rotor blades with thermography and acoustic monitoring

In the Thermoflight research project, Fraunhofer scientists are working together with industrial and research partners to investigate alternative inspection methods.

Nanomyte Super Ai coating keeps ice off turbine blades

The nanocomposite coating imparts anti-icing properties to the underlying substrate.

Martek Aviation employs 200 drones to successfully inspect turbine blades at UK offshore wind farm

For the first time, drones were used to inspect all 264 turbine blades across the 88 offshore locations at Sheringham Shoal wind farm. Sheringham Shoal, operated by Statoil, a key player in the UK’s offshore wind sector, partnered with Martek Aviation to carry out the inspections. Using 200 UAS, the drones took eight minutes each

MHI Vestas to re-purpose old oil-fired power plant into new turbine-blade facility

MHI Vestas plans to re-purpose a decommissioned, oil-fired power plant into a state-of-the-art painting and logistics facility for its record-breaking 80-meter turbine blades. The new facility is the latest in a series of manufacturing investments made by the company as part of its comprehensive industrialization strategy underway in the UK. This investment is a direct

Proposal for turbines in 30 m/s winds

Wilson’s proposal (for turbines in high winds) has been accepted for publication: Distributed energy via high-efficiency ceramic gas turbines fueled by 25-MW wind turbines in the “Roaring Forties”, Journal of Energy Challenges and Mechanics, volume 4, pages 11-15