Single blade installation equipment showcased at Husum

AREVA single blade installation 

An offshore turbine manufacturer will highlight its new single blade offshore-installation method at the Husum WindEnergy Trade Fair to be held through September 22nd in Germany. With this method, AREVA Wind says the equipment is the first to allow the installation of blades on the hub in all positions up to 330 degrees and at wind speeds up to 12 m/s.  Several sensors, safety systems, two batteries, and seven cameras ensure correct clamping and safe operation of the installation tool.

Compared to conventional installation schemes, this single blade installation method reduces storage requirements because there is no need to transport a fully assembled hub and rotors. This minimizes the number of roundtrips, and combined with operations at high wind speeds, significantly reduces costs for offshore logistics.

The 55-ton remotely controlled yoke and installation technique was first successfully tested in May at one of AREVA’s prototype sites in Bremerhaven, and since then, underwent several extensive optimization sequences. The average time to mount or remove a blade is around three hours.




  1. It’s good for the replacement of blades. But I don’t think it is necessary to change the method of total installation. hehe

  2. I wonder if the single-blade construction will lessen the number of failures and maintenance issures. This could reduce overall maintenance costs. I also think that more manufacturers should consider stringent wind turbine blade inspection which could also save on maintenance costs and increase turbine longevity.

  3. I can’t really see the purpose of single-blade props ~ unless it’s to halve the probability of seabirds getting clobbered.

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