Hi-Line Utility offers new 2-in-1 Impact Sockets

Wind techs can now fumble less for the right sized socket and carry fewer tools, thanks to a new type of impact socket. Hi-Line Utility Supply has announced Klein Tools’ two new 2-in-1 Impact Sockets.

Klein Tools Impact Sockets

The new sockets can be employed across multiple industries that use different sized sockets, long threaded bolts, or hex fasteners, such as in the electric utility industry, on wind farms, industrial applications, and others.

The two new flexible impacts are designed for high-torque applications. The 12-point design (Item #: 66001) is easier to position and works with square fasteners, while the 6-point design (Item #: 66004) contacts flat sides of hex fasteners, reducing round-off.

Both versions offer a new solution to using multiple tools by providing a two-coaxial, spring-loaded device for automatic switching between socket sizes. Users can quickly move between various sized projects without flipping, removing or adjusting the tool.

Socket sizes are 3⁄4″ and 9/16″, and feature a deep socket with a 1/2” drive for pole hardware installation and removal. With these new 2-in-1 Impact Sockets, there are less tools to carry and the new technology won’t weigh users down either at only 0.5 lbs.

View more information, watch the product video here. Hi-Line Utility Supply is offering a pre-order opportunity.

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