Cheers to clean energy: New beer symbol denotes Budweiser’s commitment to 100% renewables

Budweiser is 100% committed to a brighter future. The company is committed to brewing all of its beers around the world with 100% renewable electricity by 2025, in line with parent company AB InBev’s commitment to source all purchased electricity from renewable sources. That commitment came to life with the announcement of a renewable electricity symbol that will indicate when a Budweiser beer is brewed with 100% renewables. 

Renewable 100 Percent

Budweiser unveiled the new renewables’ symbol at an event at the World Economic Forum, inviting other brands to adopt the symbol and celebrate renewable electricity use as a way to tackle climate change.

The symbol will appear on the label of every Budweiser brewed in the U.S. beginning in spring 2018 — the first country where the beer will be brewed using 100% renewable electricity. The company is encouraging other brands to use the symbol on any product that is made using 100% renewable electricity.

The U.S. electricity is sourced from the Thunder Ranch Wind Farm in Oklahoma, which is powered by Enel Green Power. The label will then roll out to additional markets as they reach 100% renewable electricity in their Budweiser brewing operations.

“We know that climate change is an important issue for consumers, but they aren’t sure how their everyday actions can make a difference,” said Brian Perkins, Global VP at Budweiser. “The renewable electricity symbol can show consumers that their purchasing choices can have a positive impact.”

Budweiser is committed to a building a brighter future and says it is proud to use its iconic brand to play a role in driving meaningful change on a global scale. About 41 million Budweisers are sold on average every day around the world, and switching to renewable electricity in Budweiser brewing operations will correspond to taking 48,000 passenger cars off the road every year.

Budweiser is working alongside a number of NGOs and with Accenture to develop a process and guidelines to encourage other brands to adopt the symbol.

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