Nordsee One offshore wind project begins generating power

Northland expects the installation and commissioning of all 54 Nordsee One wind turbines to be completed by the end of 2017.

Northland Power Inc. confirmed that the first wind turbine installed on the 332-MW offshore wind farm has successfully started to generate power and is feeding green electricity into the grid.

Installation of the project’s 54 turbines began earlier this month and seven turbines have been installed to date. Turbine installation will continue in parallel with the progressive commissioning of the wind turbines.

The project reached financial close in March, 2015. All 54 foundation monopiles and transition pieces, as well as the offshore substation and infield cables, were successfully installed in 2016.

Once operational, the 332-MW wind farm is expected to produce an annual output of more than 1,300 gigawatt-hours of electrical energy, enough to supply the equivalent of approximately 400,000 German households. Nordsee One is owned by Northland (85%) and Innogy SE (15%).

John Brace, CEO of Northland noted: “We’re pleased to report that this important milestone has been achieved on time. Our capable and diligent project team will continue to work closely with our contractors to enable a successful installation and connection process from start to finish.”

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