Quest launches floating offshore wind data platform

Quest Offshore Resources, Inc. has launched an innovative data and analytical practice: Quest Floating Wind Energy LLC (Q FWE). Q FWE is entirely focused on the resources driving the economics, technology and, supply chain for floating offshore wind energy.

Click here for an interactive map of Q FWE’s current projects.

According to Q FWE Director, John Chadderdon, the emergence of floating wind energy is moving at a rapid pace and in a relatively short time. “Goals are being reached ahead of schedule due to the technical achievements and determination of those sharing the same ambition to unlock the potential of the world’s most intense wind areas,” he said.

“Eighty-percent of these areas lie in waters beyond the reach of fixed turbines, making floating wind a key player contributing to the world’s energy transition into a low carbon future,” added Chadderdon.

To aid industry in developing their strategies and targeting opportunities in this sector’s dynamic supply chain, Q FWE has assembled the resources and experience to connect the various disciplines and services involved in this floating offshore wind industry.

“Q FWE’s purpose is to provide world-class ‘deep data,’ delivering clarity, insight, and vision that informs better decision making in the Floating Wind Energy industry,” said Paul Hillegeist, Q FWE’s President. The Q FWE Platform, in conjunction with Q FWE’s Consulting practice, provides customized analysis to aid businesses, government bodies, financial markets, and the entirety of the supply chain in making strategic and qualified data-driven decisions.

With decades of expertise in data analytics, market analysis, and the development of offshore floating projects, Q FWE provides a network of strategic insight to the offshore floating wind industry.

“Q FWE uniquely merges the expertise of Quest Offshore and Floating Wind Energy (the Netherlands), which published the world’s first forecast map of global floating wind energy projects,” said Erik Rijkers, Q FWE’s Director Market Development & Strategy and founder of Floating Wind The 2018 edition of this map will be published by Q FWE.

The Q FWE team
Erik Rijkers recognized over a decade ago the potential of floating wind energy. He has 40 years’ experience as consultant and advisor in maritime and offshore technology environments and acquired deep insight in offshore design, construction, and mooring technology. Rijkers will continue to be based in The Netherlands.

Quest Offshore founders John Chadderdon and Paul Hillegeist, who collectively have over 50 years of experience in leading data analytics, market research, and energy industry economics, head the Q FWE Management team and are based in Houston.

David Southerland joins Q FWE’s management team as Director Data Architecture & Services. David has over 25 years working in data management for the energy industry with ODS-Petrodata and IHS Markit. Over time, David has built specific knowledge on distilling complex data relationships, now being applied to the Q FWE projects database.

William Cooper III, Principle of BlackArch Partners, serves on Q FWE’s Board of Directors providing strategic insight into financial issues affecting this dynamic market segment.

Chadderdon, Hillegeist, and Rijkers also serve as members of the Board of Directors

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