Siemens Gamesa to install India’s first commercial hybrid wind & solar project

Siemens Gamesa has been mandated to develop India’s first large commercial hybrid wind-solar project, where a 28.8-MW solar facility will be connected to an existing 50-MW wind farm. This is the first project of its kind for the company and evidences its determination to explore business opportunities that add value for its customers.

SGRE offgrid prototype

Siemens Gamesa has been slated to install first large commercial hybrid wind-solar project, where a 50-MW wind farm will be connected to a 28.8-MW solar facility.

“This is a very important milestone for our company. We are truly proud to be rolling out this new hybrid solution — namely the optimal combination of solar and wind power technology on a commercial scale,” said Ramesh Kymal, CEO of Siemens Gamesa’s Onshore business in India.

“With a market potential of around 15 GW in India, our customers are increasingly interested in this type of integrated renewable system,” Kymal added.

Under the terms of the agreement reached with one of the country’s leading independent operators, Siemens Gamesa will provide an end-to-end turnkey solution. Specifically, it will handle the design, engineering, and commissioning of the new solar plant (including the supply of photovoltaic inverters made by Gamesa Electric) and its hybridization with an existing wind farm, equipped with the Siemens Gamesa turbines.

The project, located in the in the state of Karnataka, is scheduled to be up and running by the end of 2017.


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