TechnoCentre éolien tests Technostrobe’s LIDS system for wind farms

TechnoCentre éolien has successfully tested Technostrobe’s Lighting Intensity Dimming Solution, which can be used to dim the intensity of the beacons installed at wind farms.

The TechnoCentre éolien’s (TCE) technical expertise and infrastructures, designed for research in real-world conditions, has been put to use to allow for a breakthrough in the Quebec wind industry.

More specifically, TCE has successfully tested the Lighting Intensity Dimming Solution (LIDS) developed by Technostrobe. The tests carried out by TCE will allow Technostrobe, which is based near Montréal, to commercialize this technological innovation and position the Quebec industry as a leader in the management of the visual impact of wind-farm lighting.

In periods of high visibility, the LIDS system can be used to dim the intensity of the beacons installed at wind farms.

“The prototype made its North American debut when it was installed on a wind turbine and two met masts at our research site,” said Cédric Arbez, Project Manager, Research and Innovation at TCE. “Data collected to date confirm the efficiency of the prototype, which is remarkable for its ability to adjust its light intensity as a function of the visibility conditions at a given site.”

A major technological advance that meets Transport Canada security criteria in the vicinity of wind farms while respecting the quality of life of local communities.

“For us, it is critical to validate how our LIDSTM solution will operate in real-world conditions, which is one of the final steps between research and commercialization,” said Francis Lacombe, VP of Technostrobe. “With its research site, the TechnoCentre éolien has the necessary equipment and technical expertise to test our product, which meets the highest industry standards.”

“Now that we have completed this step, we are confident going into the commercialization stage of our technological solution,” added Lacombe.

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