Vestas launches InteliLight in the U.S.

Vestas‘ InteliLight, its active aviation light-management solution for wind turbines, has demonstrated performance to FAA standards and is officially ready for use in the U.S. The approval follows authority approval in Canada, Finland, Germany, Norway, and Sweden.

Vestas’ InteliLight combines aircraft-detection and aviation light control to provide aviation safety at wind farms.

Using radars with a minimum range of eight kilometers, InteliLight is an expanded product solution replacing OCAS that scans a wind farm’s surrounding areas. If an approaching airplane is detected, its distance, speed, and heading are tracked and aviation lights are activated only when needed.

If activated, the lights are switched off once the aircraft has cleared the necessary designated space. Combining aircraft-detection and aviation light control, the system provides end-to-end aviation safety for wind farms.

“InteliLight was especially designed for wind parks, and integrates into the Vestas’ portfolio of products, systems, and siting tools, minimizing both permitting requirements and installation efforts on both new and existing projects,” said Erik Meum, Head of Plant Radar Systems at Vestas. “The system’s smart activation means that aviation lights stay off an average 98% of the time, which makes InteliLight an industry-leading, safe and effective solution.”

As many North American regions increase requirements around aviation light-management systems, the ability to install and immediately integrate the system into new and existing turbines and projects is becoming critical. Vestas InteliLight is now the only Aircraft Detection Lighting System (ADLS) integrated directly into the turbine equipment and designed specifically for wind project application.

With more than 10 years combined operational experience, InteliLight and its predecessor OCAS are proven in multiple markets and various terrains. Vestas has installed InteliLight or OCAS on 853 MWs, and is currently deploying InteliLight systems on around 330 MW of projects in the U.S and Germany.

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