Suzlon produces India’s longest wind-turbine blade

Suzlon Group, India’s largest renewable energy solutions provider, has designed and manufactured the country’s longest wind-turbine blade at its Padubidri Rotor Blade Unit. The advanced blade (SB 63) measures 63 meters in length and has been specifically developed for Suzlon’s new S128 wind-turbine family. The blade has a rotor diameter of 128 meters, which is

Vestas signs multi-year blade deal with TPI Composites

Vestas has announced a new multi-year supply agreement with TPI Composites, an Arizona-based manufacturer of composite wind blades. The agreement includes producing V150-4.2 MW turbine blades, primarily for Asian markets, but also globally. TPI plans to set up four manufacturing lines at their new factory in Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China, offering a competitive base for worldwide

Liftra blade handling device tilts big blades for easier turbine assembly

The photos show the Liftra LT5002 installing the 73.5 m blades on a Haliade 150-6MW turbine, an operation that went smoothly on all accounts.

Turbine blades that bend & twist can improve their power output

The 20-meter-long test blade can rotate slightly around its own axis should strong gusts occur in order to mitigate the wind pressure to a certain degree.

Hexion to introduce new products for wind energy rotor blade manufacturing At JEC

Hexion Inc. is introducing a new tackifying spray system as well as new epoxy bonding paste and resin repair kits for use in rotor blade maintenance, all with enhanced environmental and performance characteristics.

GEV Wind Power continues growth in 2018

GEV has completed over 28 individual projects in North America over the past 6 months deploying up to 60 blade repair specialists at the peak. The projects extend over 8 individual States and have been managed from the Group’s office in Austin, Texas.

Vestas partners with InspecTools to expand global digitalized blade services

Vestas customers will now get online access to blade inspection analysis and data from any of their turbines in any market, thanks to the expansion of Vestas’ partnership with InspecTools, an energy asset inspection company. “By extending our partnership with InspecTools, Vestas will provide customers with even better and faster blade condition insights, which enable

Classic wind-mill blade inspires one for a wind turbine

A new turbine blade design is said to overcome most of the handicaps of conventional designs including cost, manufacturing complexity, and maintenance.

Turbines from Carter Wind aimed at utilities, distributed, and microgrid generation

The wind turbine technology Carter has developed is most significant in that it produces four times the energy per pound of equipment weight versus conventional wind turbine designs.

Say hello to Nabrawind Technologies and its ideas for wind turbine scaling

Nabrawind has developed two solutions to break logistic and installation barriers of the two most important components (both in size and cost) of the wind turbine generator: the self-erecting tower Nabralift and the joint of modular blades Nabrajoint.