Joral’s new, non-contact rotary encoder line captures motion in tight tolerances & harsh environments

Joral LLC has introduced the PE18 ProxEncoder non-contact rotary encoder product line. Modeled in a threaded proximity switch housing, the 18mm true non-contact encoder is designed to capture rotary motion where conventional sensors fail. Two USPTO patents enable the PE18 ProxEncoder to detect on-axis rotation with up to 0.5″ (12mm) air gap between the application

What criteria should be considered when selecting & maintaining encoders for wind turbines?

Wind turbines require accurate and reliable blade pitch-control to optimize wind generation and safeguard the asset from extreme conditions that could cause damage. Turbine generators also rely on precise feedback to properly control and synchronize energy output with line frequency. Disruption of these processes can lead to poor turbine performance, downtime, or costly repairs. Encoders

POSITAL rolls out heavy-duty encoders for tough environmental conditions

POSITAL’s heavy-duty IXARC incremental and absolute rotary encoders are built to stand up to extreme environmental conditions. Based on a housing design with a 25-year track record of surviving the toughest conditions, these devices are suitable for cranes, offshore facilities, wind turbines, and other challenging locations. These sensors feature rugged impact-resistant Type 316L stainless-steel or

ProfEC Ventus launches online “One-Stop Wind Shop” for sensors & measurement systems

ProfEC Ventus has launched an online shop for wind measurement systems, wind met masts, and its accredited services. The “One-Stop Wind Shop” is the only one of its kind, which is operated by an accredited Measuring Institute and Test Laboratory with its own, accredited Calibration Laboratory. The offer ranges from individual sensors to fully calibrated, certified

Baumer offers new magnetic absolute encoder series

Whether in industrial environments or for harsh outdoor use, quality components are often the keys to reliable equipment. Components, such as encoders, must meet many different requirements and ensure maximum resistance — while being efficient and economic. The robust MAGRES series magnetic absolute encoders by Baumer are proven under the harshest conditions, globally. The new

Ingeteam to exhibit at WINDPOWER 2017 after steady growth in U.S. market

Ingeteam, an independent global supplier of electrical conversion equipment, will present its full range of wind energy drivetrain products at AWEA WIND POWER. Ingeteam reported record performance last year, with deliveries reaching a peak volume of 5 GW of new capacity in 2016 alone — making the Spanish company the world’s number one supplier of wind-power

PSI Repair Services to highlight its diverse engineering services at WINDPOWER 2016

PSI Repair Services, Inc., a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries and independent service provider (ISP) to the wind energy industry, will highlight its wide range of engineering services at WINDPOWER 2016 Conference & Exhibition. PSI’s engineering services include custom tests, product upgrades, remanufacturing services, and new product manufacturing services. The custom test program leverages the

Baumer HS 35 encoder ready for work in India and China

Originally conceived for the North American Market, HS 35 now reveals a general interest in the “all-American guy”, especially in India and China. We are convinced that Italy and more European countries offer a considerable market potential for this encoder platform. The Baumer HS35 combines a rugged HeavyDuty design with an unrivalled precision into a

Alaska-tuned turbines cut heating costs for remote villagers

By Jarrod Orszulak | Product Manager POSITAL FRABA Inc. About 50 miles south of Bethel, Alaska, and 50 miles north of the Bering Sea lies Tuntutuliak (locally referred to as Tunt), a tundra village of about 400 Yup’ik Eskimos. Most of the residents here survive off the land through subsistence hunting, fishing, and berry picking.

What features should OEMs consider when choosing encoders?

Rotary encoders are often one of the least discussed components of a wind turbine and yet they are integral to many related applications. Encoders are an electro-mechanical device that converts the angular position of a shaft or axle to a digital code. Three of the most common uses for encoders in turbines are: monitoring and controlling blade