Wärtsilä’s Smart Power Generation assists in transitioning to wind and solar

Recent examples of the role that Wärtsilä’s Smart Power Generation is playing in this energy transition include two power plants ordered by the Upper Michigan Energy Resources Corp.

How to harvest plentiful low-level winds on existing wind farms

This paper will be submitted for peer review to Renewable Energy Focus  after receiving comments from the publication of excerpts in the April issue of Windpower Engineering.  Send comments and suggestions to Kevin Wolf, kwolf@windharvest.com Kevin Wolf / Chief Operating Officer / Wind Harvest International / kwolf@windharvest.com Wind farms in California and other regions of the world exist only in relatively

RE100 signatories to spur $94 billion investment opportunity

The companies currently committed to the RE100 campaign will need to procure an estimated 172 TWh of additional clean energy generation by 2030 to meet their renewable energy targets.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance report has suggestions for the RE100 cities

• There are a variety of ways a company can meet its clean energy targets (73% of the clean energy purchases from RE100 companies as of 2016 came from the purchasing of unbundled certificates, or utility contracts that involve the purchasing of certificates).

What to consider when erecting a small wind turbine in Texas

For a state that leads the country in the production of crude oil and natural gas, one would be surprised to learn that Texas also leads the country in wind energy production.

Brazed plate heat exchangers could help cool electronic equipment

The B320HT and LT are more compact, offer high mechanical strength and can handle higher capacities, allowing for cost, time and energy savings.

Building corrosion-resistant equipment for harsh industrial environments

Although it is hard to find materials that are 100% resistant to the effects of corrosive elements, careful selection of materials, especially when combining them in a product, can reduce corrosion.

Study examines attitudes when living near wind turbines

The study investigates other important subjects as well, such as: perceptions of and possible stress reactions to wind turbine sounds, shadow flicker, lighting and landscape changes.

Cheers to clean energy: New beer symbol denotes Budweiser’s commitment to 100% renewables

Budweiser is 100% committed to a brighter future. The company is committed to brewing all of its beers around the world with 100% renewable electricity by 2025, in line with parent company AB InBev’s commitment to source all purchased electricity from renewable sources. That commitment came to life with the announcement of a renewable electricity symbol

T-Mobile commits to wind power & 100% renewables

T-Mobile announced it will move to 100% renewable electricity by 2021, and that the Un-carrier has joined RE100, a collaborative, global initiative uniting more than 100 influential businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity. T-Mobile also took a big step toward their clean energy commitment, unveiling a second wind farm project backed by the Un-carrier. “It’s the Un-carrier