Enerpac releases new hydraulic bolt tensioners for offshore wind applications

Hydraulic bolting tools specialist, Enerpac, has introduced a new portfolio of hydraulic-bolt tensioners for critical offshore wind generation fastening applications. The three new bolt tensioner series’ are designed for maximum durability in harsh environments and improved speed of operation. The PGT-Series Double Deck and Single-Stage Bolt Tensioners provide high performance in tight spaces typically found in

Are those bolts tight enough? Hydratight’s ultrasonic bolt load measuring device tells

The BoltScope Ultra is a handheld device that monitors and displays elongation, stress and load on fasteners. It can support any application where the accuracy of bolt load requirements is highly critical.

Avoiding the big pinch

It takes only a brief lapse of attention to put fingers where they should not be and suffer the painful consequences of the big pinch.

ILSCO expands TaskMaster, unwraps a lightweight, 10,000-psi, battery-powered hydraulic pump

ILSCO’s pump, TB-PMP, is sold as an all-inclusive kit and runs on an 18 volt, 5.0 Ah Milwaukee Li-ion battery platform.

HYTORC gets permission to come aboard the Comanche Maxi Yacht

HYTORC was asked to devise a plan for fastening the Comanche’s keel to the interior of its hull, where it then attaches to a hydraulic cylinder.

A brief guide to selecting concrete fasteners

It is often necessary to fasten cables, wires, junction boxes, and monitoring instruments to the inside and outside of concrete walls. The fasteners used for holding these categories of static loads come in a variety of types and sizes. To select the most effective fastener for securing wind-turbine equipment to concrete, it is important to consider these several conditions.

HTL Group says it is now an official Hands Free Bolting Ltd Reseller.

The products are ideally suited to the Controlled Bolting market due to the challenges faced when working on, or at height on controlled bolting applications. HTL Group

Watermill Group acquires UK-based industrial fastener supplier, Cooper & Turner

The Watermill Group, a strategy-driven private investment firm, has completed the cross-border acquisition of Andaray (Holdings) Limited and its direct and indirect subsidiaries (Cooper & Turner), a UK-based global manufacturer and distributor of high-strength, large diameter industrial fastener systems. Market leading organizations in wind energy, construction, OEM, rail, and tunneling turn to Cooper & Turner as

Sika Corp intros Sikaflex-211 US adhesive and sealant in black

Sika Corporation, a supplier of innovative adhesive and sealant solutions is proud to announce that Sikaflex-211 US, a multi-purpose general sealant for transportation and industrial assembly applications.

7 ways electric tools simplify and improve bolting jobs

While electric torque multipliers are not new, demand for them has increased recently thanks to improvements in accuracy, reliability, and capability. In seven ways, he says, electric bolting tools are solving construction problems.