Low hanging fruits in the battle for higher availability

. Based on our experience across 4 GW of assets, we wanted to list some of the low hanging fruits in the battle for higher availability and enhanced production

WindWISDEM launches software-based repowering service for wind farms

WindWISDEM Corp., a Ystrategies Corp. portfolio company and cloud computing software service provider that optimizes wind farm performance, announced that it is launching a software-based repowering service. The new service is designed for wind farms looking to extend production tax credits (PTC) for an additional 10 years. WindWISDEM’s repowering technology delivers increased revenue from energy

Vineyard Wind to develop nation-leading offshore wind labor pool in Massachusetts

Earlier this month, Vineyard Wind announced that its $2 million “Wind Workforce” initiative will recruit, mentor, and train local, Massachusetts residents for high-skills careers in the offshore wind industry. The program, which will be undertaken in partnership with vocational schools, community colleges, and other local organizations, is part of Vineyard Wind’s proposal to construct a large, utility-scale

Castrol and Romax launch predictive maintenance brand, ONYX InSight

Global lubricant manufacturer, Castrol, and Romax Technology, a provider of software, analysis, and services for rotating machinery, have launched ONYX InSight — a new predictive maintenance brand that offers wind energy asset owners and operators clarity and control over technological risks and operational expenditure. ONYX InSight is the new name for Romax Insight, the joint venture

GEV Wind Power continues growth in 2018

GEV has completed over 28 individual projects in North America over the past 6 months deploying up to 60 blade repair specialists at the peak. The projects extend over 8 individual States and have been managed from the Group’s office in Austin, Texas.

E.ON to optimize manufacturing facilities with artificial intelligence

E.ON takes artificial intelligence to the world of manufacturing companies. Customers from the industrial and commercial sectors will thus be able to intelligently increase the efficiency of entire machine parks and save energy costs at the same time. To make this future possible, E.ON has now entered into a partnership with the company Sight Machine.

Posi-Lock keyless shaft-hub locking devices from Miki Pulley locks gears, sprockets, pulleys and more in a mechanical system

Posi-Lock bushings from Miki Pulley provide a solid connection between shaft and mounted devices. They provide system designers with a keyless option for locking into position gears, pulleys, sprockets and other components in a mechanical system.

Joral’s new, non-contact rotary encoder line captures motion in tight tolerances & harsh environments

Joral LLC has introduced the PE18 ProxEncoder non-contact rotary encoder product line. Modeled in a threaded proximity switch housing, the 18mm true non-contact encoder is designed to capture rotary motion where conventional sensors fail. Two USPTO patents enable the PE18 ProxEncoder to detect on-axis rotation with up to 0.5″ (12mm) air gap between the application

Oceaneering International to provide Van Oord with offshore wind ROV services

Oceaneering International announced that it secured a three-year frame agreement with Van Oord Offshore Wind, an international dredging, marine engineering, and offshore contractor. The new agreement relates to Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and trenching support services. As part of this agreement, Oceaneering has agreed to install one work class ROV onboard Van Oord’s cable-laying vessel, the Nexus, for

Vestas partners with InspecTools to expand global digitalized blade services

Vestas customers will now get online access to blade inspection analysis and data from any of their turbines in any market, thanks to the expansion of Vestas’ partnership with InspecTools, an energy asset inspection company. “By extending our partnership with InspecTools, Vestas will provide customers with even better and faster blade condition insights, which enable