Clean Energy Opportunity Map

This tool is based on the information published in the Clean Energy Standards section of our 2013 Renewable Energy Handbook. Click on a state to view its renewable portfolio standard (RPS) goal and approximately how far along the state is to reaching its goal. You can also click to see the state’s install base for wind for projects. Any questions or comments please contact

*Data are the latest available, often 2010 or 2011. It is not always representative of how much clean energy is used by the state, as some sell power in the form of Renewable Energy Credits to other areas. Also, some states have other standards that are not noted in this listing, such as breakdowns of specific goals for investor-owned utilities, rural cooperatives, large and small utilities and more. Lastly, some states have separate goals for various resources, such as solar, that are not noted. For more specific details of each state’s standards please visit

Step 1: Click on any state
Step 2: View RPS Goals
Step 3: View Installed Wind Projects