South Lake Tahoe makes 100% renewables’ pledge

This week, the South Lake Tahoe city council approved a measure that sets a goal to transition entirely to renewable sources of electricity by 2032.

South Lake Tahoe, California became the 26th municipality in the U.S. and the latest in a growing coalition of communities to commit to 100% clean and renewable electricity.

“South Lake Tahoe’s commitment for 100% renewable electricity is driven by our community,” said Mayor Austin Sass of South Lake Tahoe. The city council approved a measure that sets a goal to transition entirely to renewable sources of electricity by 2032.

“The passion to protect our natural resources made this commitment possible, and reflects the city’s vision statement to ‘reflect the National Treasure’ in which we live,” Sass added.

This announcement comes on the heels of a similar pledge from Moab and Park City, Utah to transition to renewable electricity, showing that mountain communities are taking control of their energy future.

“The signing of the 100% renewable resolution is a testament to what is possible,” said Nick Exline with 100% South Lake Tahoe. “We have seen citizens from across our community come together to tackle climate change by helping our city officials take bold action. We’re thrilled to see South Lake Tahoe commit to 100% renewable electricity.”

South Lake Tahoe’s announcement is grounded in a chilling reality. Winter tourism represents a $12.2 billion dollar industry, supporting thousands of jobs and sustaining the economies of communities throughout the country. Yet rising temperatures and climate disruption are endangering the future of many places where decreased snowpack threatens local industry.

Fourteen of the 15 hottest years on record globally have occurred since the beginning of this century, and 2016 is currently on track to be added to that list. By the end of the century, it is estimated that only six of the 19 cities that have previously hosted the Winter Olympics could be cold enough to host again.

“Given the impact that fossil fuel-driven climate change is already having on Lake Tahoe and our mountain communities, it’s critical that the region lead the way toward the bold clean energy solutions that we need to take for our kids and grandkids,” said Sierra Club Climate Parent, John Fredrich.

“By committing to powering South Lake Tahoe with 100% clean and renewable energy, the City Council has established Tahoe’s intention to be a national clean energy leader, no matter what is happening in Washington, DC,” he added.

“We are excited to be facilitating this initiative in South Lake Tahoe and look forward to duplicating this effort in mountain communities across the Sierra Nevada,” said Jenny Hatch, Executive Director, Sierra Nevada Alliance. “By a collective effort, on the local level, we will make a tremendous impact. If local communities are interested in joining this growing movement, we welcome them contact us.”

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