Hempel’s recent Hempaline Defend coatings now available in North America

Global coatings manufacturer Hempel has launched the Hempaline Defend epoxy and vinyl ester range of protective coatings to its North American customers. This launch marks a strategic milestone in Hempel’s energy strategy.

Designed for the power and oil & gas and industries, Hempaline Defend epoxy and vinyl ester linings are tailored to protect equipment used in hostile and challenging conditions. This includes storage tank bottoms, process vessels, secondary containment areas, produced water tanks, API 12 F, power plant flue gas desulphurization ducting, and absorbers. These new high-quality protective linings can offer asset owners increased profits by maximizing production uptime through longer service life and reduced maintenance.

The power and oil & gas industries suffer from extreme pH swings, high abrasion, and elevated temperatures and Hempel’s new lining range delivers high-performance corrosion resistance to protect valuable equipment in aggressive environments.

“Hempaline high-performance linings offer a 24 or 72-hour return to service time while still maintaining the same level of corrosion and cargo contamination protection for our customer’s assets,” said Michael McGlamry, Protective Product Manager, North America:

Hempaline Defend vinyl ester linings are suitable for a range of applications. The coatings can be used as tank linings and protect concrete surfaces from aggressive cargos. These linings also include glass, mineral-flake filled coatings and fiberglass reinforced linings for specific applications.

The Hempaline Defend epoxy range is also designed to protect steel and concrete surfaces from aggressive chemicals, elevated temperatures, and abrasive service conditions. The range offers a choice of available hardeners allowing an asset to be returned to service in as little as 24 hours as customers can select a single-coat system – without any reduction in performance.

Hempaline Defend linings at a glance:

  • High-performance linings for longer service life of assets and reduced maintenance
  • Rapid cure systems – 24 or 72-hour cure, minimizing downtime costs and facilitating a fast return to service
  • Simple high build single coat applications for short project durations with low costs
  • Both components are pigmented and when properly mixed during application deliver a uniform color, offering assurance that the material has been mixed correctly
  • No pre-heating of materials is required – can be applied at ambient temperatures (75˚F, 23˚C)
  • Option of glass flake – reinforced products for tank bottoms which can meet API 652 requirements

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