Magni spec finder simplifies coating selection

Most industrial manufacturers have issued a corrosion coating spec that has worked well for them. So if you are providing components to any of those companies, you better know which coating spec they prefer.

Magni provides guidance to those wondering whether or not they are following the right spec, here:

In addition to the spec finder, Magni provides this range of coatings for a wide variety of bolts and environments in which they will work.

Hit the down arrow and select the OEM in question. For the wind industry, GE and Vestas are listed among a few dozen companies.

Take Vestas, for example. The company spec is 900182 for bolts and screws, and is covered by Magni 590. In a nutshell, the spec calls for a thickness of 12 to 20 µm. By hitting the Mangi 590 you will learn it is a chrome-free duplex coating that combines an inorganic zinc-rich basecoat with an organic topcoat. It has been engineered for use on fasteners, including nuts, bolts, screws and other hardware. The material offers fewer processing steps, resulting in improved quality and reduced cost. The coating is applied via dip-spin or spray application methods. GE has several specs but all are covered by Magni 565.

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