Graco introduces entry-level system for polyurea coatings

Graco recently introduced an electric proportioning system for pure and hybrid polyurea coatings. The Reactor E-10hp High-Pressure Proportioner works for waterproofing projects, especially projects where portability is a factor, such as swimming pools, terraces and residential balconies. The system could also be applied to windpower projects. “It’s an affordable option for the entry-level coatings contractor

More than friction from this calculator app on iPhones and web

When you need coefficient of friction values for your engineering calculations, General Magnaplate’s Friction Calculator new iPhone App can help. The new app provides static and dynamic coefficients of friction (COF) for more than 200 pairings of commonly used materials and engineered coatings. Friction Calculator’s materials database is continually updated with new materials and coatings. Other features

Chem-Trend acquires Zyvax, expands composite materials portfolio

Chem-Trend, a global leader in specialty release agent solutions across multiple industries and applications, has acquired the Zyvax business allowing the company to offer customers and distributors an expanded portfolio of product technologies for use in FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic) and the growing advanced composites markets. “Today’s move will result in synergies derived from the innovation capabilities in release agent technology and composites industry expertise of both companies, which

SCIGRIP launches smarter adhesives to enhance bonding of metals, plastics

SCIGRIP, the global adhesive solutions developer, has announced an enhanced SG600 Series methacrylate adhesive for bonding metals, composites, and other plastic parts used in a variety of assembly operations.  The advanced SG600 Series products from SCIGRIP are high-performance adhesives featuring a combination of high tensile strength, high modulus and elongation for bonding a range of

Wind Talk: How to prevent corrosion on wind turbines

Welcome to another edition of Wind Talk, a Windpower Engineering and Development podcast series that gives you the opportunity to hear from industry newsmakers in their own words. In this podcast, Richard Grant, principal at Russell Corrosion Consultants, discusses the role coatings play in protecting wind turbines from corrosion and how the industry uses the

Fast-drying direct-to-metal coating set to trim wind tower production times

An anti-corrosive coating with a drying time of just 60 min promises to increase line-speeds for wind-tower manufacturers by at least 50% compared to standard two and three-coat systems. Hemperea DTM 55973 can be applied directly to metal and is suitable for C3 corrosive environments. The anti-corrosive splash zone coating combines a primer and top-coat

Coating company winds award for low-solvent material

The Ultra-High Solids and Speed system (UHSS), a two-coat protective paint system for onshore wind turbines produced by coatings manufacturer Hempel, was granted a patent from the European Patent Office. UHSS uses two high-solids coatings to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions by up to 70% compared to standard three-coat systems, depending on the system.

Company expands line of protective sprayers

A company has added several multi-component protective sprayers to its line. Graco says its XP Sprayers provide on-ratio precision for fast-curing materials and a quick return on investment for contractors who switch from hand mixing. Displacement pumps proportion materials, which are then mixed at the manifold. “The beauty of these sprayers is that they eliminate

Solvent-free coating for offshore turbines

A coatings manufacturer has released Hempadur Multi-Strength 35460, a solvent-free version of its protective coating for offshore wind turbine foundations. The coating has a six-hour drying time and is gentler on the environment. Hempel’s new solvent belongs to the 45753 product line, which has been used on more than 20 wind farms, including Walney Offshore Wind

Research group releases top 10 companies for Q3 2012

Potentially disruptive technologies for efficient grid storage, low-cost solar, drug delivery, cheaper LEDs, and novel graphene materials highlight Lux Research’s Q3 list. Technology research firm Lux Research profiled 370 companies across 15 different emerging technology domains in the third quarter of 2012 as part of its ongoing Intelligence services.  Drawing on the domain expertise of