Total Eren to improve output of wind farm in Greece with Windfit by Sereema

Total Eren has chosen the Windfit technological solution developed by Sereema to equip its 40 MW Ptoon wind farm. For Sereema’s first install in Greece, Total Eren could not have been a better partner. Sereema’s CEO Jérôme Imbert says, “we both share a common faith in high-tech innovations to better fight against ecological waste with a profitable economic model in tow”.

Total Eren has chosen the Windfit technological solution developed by Sereema to equip its 40 MW Ptoon wind farm in Greece.

Due to its geographical situation, the wind farm operates under difficult weather conditions and must improve its performance. Windfit will provide the needed expertise.

Windfit speaks Greek
Sereema’s engineering team has developed a new tool that uses embedded sensors in the Windfit box to monitor turbine’s activity. Collected data is then transmitted to the Windfit data center. Dedicated algorithms devised to optimize energy production analyze the turbine’s running conditions. An up-to-date real-time diagnosis is laid out for the farm owner to reach the full potential of energy production.

The wireless smart sensors of Windfit continuously measures more than 10 parameters, up to 100 times per second on each turbine. Algorithms analyze them, identifies efficiency and maintenance issues, and keeps a history of the results.

Easy setup
Easy to install and highly automated, Windfit is proving its value every day through multiple arrays of functions monitored, problems averted, and issues solved. Total Eren technical team on site praised the record time in which their team, guided by Sereema, managed to fully set up the device. “It took less than 10 minutes to equip each turbine. The system was immediately operational and easy to understand”.

Windfit installation system is non-intrusive because all the sensors needed are embedded within its box. A simple power cable is plugged in, and the system self-calibrates and starts harvesting big data.

Thanks to this new partnership with Total Eren in Greece, Sereema now operates in four different countries all over Europe. “Our team shares its know-how with the farm owner to work in all sorts of weather and climate conditions. We work alongside the local team to help optimize the farm output and yield. We are very proud to equip this wind farm in Greece, and looking forward to our new European destination,” said Imbert.

Thanks to its Windfit-connected technology, Sereema provides peak services to optimize energy production and maintenance of wind farms. Sereema now supports 100 MW of wind farms in France and Europe. For more information:

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