Powerblanket offers warmers for welding, cutting, and other gas cylinders

Powerblanket says it now offers gas cylinder warmers in a range of sizes to maximize the performance of a wide range of gas tanks.

Many factors make it difficult to get a steady flow from a gas cylinder. Cold weather, high flow rates, or using a tank that is partially drained can all reduce its vapor pressure and stop the flow of gas.

Adding heat to a gas cylinder will increase vapor pressure allows completely emptying a tank and increasing the duration between refills, while providing higher and more consistent flow rates.

Powerblanket says it has the best gas cylinder warmers on the market, and getting a gas cylinder warmer customized to fit a specific tank is quick and easy. Lead times on these custom products are as little as 3 to 5 business days.

A few gas cylinder warmer specifications include:

  • 120V
  • 15-ft cord
  • 100F (38C) internal thermostat
  • Black vinyl outer shell
  • Fully insulated from ground to shoulder of tank
  • Straps and buckles secure blanket to tank

60 Watts/ftconcentrated in bottom half of blanket

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