February 2018 Issue: Leadership in Wind Energy

How EVs will drive the wind industry and vice versa The automobile, long the symbol of go-anywhere freedom, not long ago became an object of scorn because of its high consumption of fossil fuel. Is it possible to redeem vehicles from such disrepute by substituting electric drives for internal combustion engines? Yes, it is. The

January 2018 Issue: Renewable Energy Guidebook

Welcome to the 2018 renewable energy guidebook IF YOU’RE FAMILIAR WITH THIS PUBLICATION, you’ll notice we’ve changed our name from “handbook” to “guidebook.” In an effort to produce the best content possible, we took a moment to step back and consider what information in this “extra” edition would be the most beneficial to our readers.

October 2017 Issue: Offshore industry potential + More

    A few observations from the offshore wind industry A savvy Brit recently suggested that the U.S. offshore wind industry should take advantage of European experience. The reason, he said almost in confidence, was that “We’ve made most of the mistakes already.” It’s hard to argue with that logic. Letting novices head up unfamiliar

August 2017 Issue: Three Strikes and Your Turbine Is Out (And More!)

    Welcome to the 5,000-MW Club, Kansas There’s a new club in town, and another U.S. state has recently joined. The “5,000-Megawatt Club” has an exclusive membership of only five states so far. For entry, each one must officially exceed 5,000 MW of wind-generated capacity. The most recent honor goes to Kansas, which grabbed

June 2017 Issue: Suiting Up for Safety + More

    Consider these costs as you amble through life Most people don’t buy so much as bubble gum without asking, “How much does it cost?” So for your amusement I have assembled a list of costs arranged in an order that you may find entertaining. Hopefully, you’ll find the apples-to-oranges juxtapositions equally interesting. A

April 2017 Issue: Innovators & Influencers + More

    Mini lessons in leadership – 2017 At a leadership conference some years ago, we participated in an exercise to show the value of a group’s collective wisdom. That problem scenario had our group on a spaceship that had crash landed on the moon. The recovery site was some distance away. Which of the

February 2017 issue: Foundations that float + more

01 Editorial: What if the nation went wild for wind power? 44 Projects: Decommissioning Canada’s oldest wind farm 66 Cover Foundations that float   What if the nation went wild for wind power? By: Paul Dvorak Suppose our nation decided that as coal and nuclear-powered facilities reached the end of their useful life, they would

2017 Renewable Energy Handbook Wind: The technical resource for wind profitability

  A great time to invest in wind power   The saying goes that good things come in threes, and the wind industry has certainly delivered on a trio of positives this past year. For one, the industry started 2016 with a five-year extension of the Production Tax Credit (PTC), which provides wind developers with

October 2016 issue: First Annual Offshore Issue

U.S. offshore wind industry officially launched. Now what? What’s the difference between a U.S. wind farm and one in Europe? This may sound like the lead-in to a joke, but the question is serious and comes from a wind-industry veteran at a recent AWEA event. The answer: Everything! In Europe, a land-based wind farm often

September 2016 issue: A Better Way To Inspect Turbines & Transmission + more

01 Editorial: More darn-near impossible grand challenges for the wind industry 06 Windwatch: Research in Minnesota, MAKE Consulting looks ahead, Better blades ready for refits, Meet the wind tech 26 Retrofits New ideas for upgrading communication networks   The next 10 darn-near impossible grand challenges for the wind industry   The idea of grand challenges