Many high-voltage controls for wind plants

Eaton Corporation’s electrical and hydraulic wind-power equipment help transform wind into reliable power and will be on display in Booth #11462. Company products and services span a spectrum of requirements, from small scale to utility-grade needs. Equipment on display at WINDPOWER 2010 includes: Low voltage power circuit breakers maintain peak efficiency and reduce the time

Friction drive may solve conventional drivetrain problems

One school of thought for wind-turbine design says getting rid of the potentially troublesome gearbox makes for more reliable machinery. Although true, the permanent magnet (PM) generators then required become heavier and more expensive. A direct-drive 1.8 MW Enercon, for example, weights 25% more than a gearbox equipped Vestas 1.8 MW. Toronto-based CWind says it

Electric actuators ready for windpower work

A line of linear actuators are electromechanical devices that install quickly and easily, and provide good accuracy, repeatability, reliability, and advanced control over critical machine operations. Unlike hydraulic and pneumatic alternatives, the ElecTrak Pro Series, from Thomson, Wood Dale, Ill, tune quickly and require no ongoing maintenance over the life of the equipment. The units

Clever Bearing and Planetary Drive Carries Greater Load

Uncontrollable and highly variable wind forces adversely affect the performance and reliability of planetary gears inside wind-turbine power transmissions. A couple developments from The Timken Co., Canton, Ohio, can lower maintenance on rolling elements and carry greater load in a planetary gearset. In the first, the Integrated Flexpin Bearing (IFB) equalizes gear loads, reduces internal

Yaw and pitch drives for wind turbines

Series 700T slew drives from Bonfiglioli USA, Hebron, Kentucky, come in 13 sizes with output as high as 70,000 Nm thanks to planetary gearing with up to three stages. Output shaft with integral pinion rides on wide-span, high-load bearings. A robust housing features low or raised mounting flange. Inputs are available for electric and hydraulic

Hydraulic yaw and pitch drives

For years, Nabtesco says it has been developing hydraulic equipment, engine accessory and fuel systems, and flight control systems for several Japanese Defense Agency programs. Now the company, a manufacturer of hydraulic drives and controls, is expanding into energy-efficiency and environment-friendly products. Hence, it has started a new business involving the application of hydraulic equipment

Pitch and yaw drives

Yaw drives from Germany-based ABM Greiffenberger, Milford, Ohio,  maintain nacelle positions into the wind to maximize energy generation. The drive uses a combination of induction motors and multi-stage planetary gearboxes. High grade components, most manufactured in-house, and durable roller bearings ensure maximum life with minimal maintenance. High torsion resistance maintains an exact position even in

Hydraulic pitch control for wind-turbine blades

Generating steady shaft speed on a wind turbine means constantly adjusting the pitch of each blade to accommodate wind variations. The blades connect to a huge hub mounted to a shaft that turns a gearbox and a generator. Best turbine efficiency calls for a continuous pitch control on the blades. Blade pitch is powered by

Composite coupling handles high-power misalignments

The Ixilflex link coupling absorbs misalignment of power transmission shafts through bushes linked to alternate flanges. The bushes are made by vulcanizing rubber to metal parts under high compression. The coupling can be run in either direction without reversing the coupling. Other features include high misalignment and torque capability, torsional damping, low restoring forces, silent