Clever and adaptable igus energy chain (cable protection) cuts 80% off install times

Editor’s note: The automation that is progressively making more turbine blades requires that robots make long traverses, 100 meters and more. The cable protection device described here can improve the reliability of the moving mechanisms.

Harnessing the moving power and control cables on a new machine can slash time and cost off the machine build. But this is only beneficial when the selected energy chain has been optimized for such tasks. The E4.1L from motion plastics specialist igus is said to be the lightest cable-carrying e-chain on the market. Thanks to the new type of separator system and a new strain relief, the separations of the energy chain’s interior is even easier to assess for the user.

After the E4.1L has been opened, cables and shelves can be inserted into the e-chain quickly and easily. In this way, users can separate the interior of the e-chain in a way that is best for their moving application. (Source: igus GmbH)

The chain is easy to open and fill from all sides as needed. The E4.1L has the flexibility needed for fast harnessing. This feature is made possible by the design principles of the e-chain. “The easy accessibility of the complete interior from both sides, the innovative separation system with new separators, a new honeycomb-shaped strain relief, and one of the fastest opening mechanisms are characteristics that make the E4.1L the fastest to fill e-chain,” said Michael Blass, Vice President e-chains at igus. “The advantage of this energy chain is that machine manufacturers can reduce the installation time by up to 80%.”

Igus has developed an innovative separator system for the E4.1L that makes it easy to insert shelves on several levels for interior separation as needed. In addition, the opening mechanism of the crossbars along the inner and outer radii guarantees fast filling with cables and hoses. The captive crossbars, which can be opened with a screwdriver, can pivot open to 115° and latch into a final or working position. When necessary, they can even be removed completely, fitted again, and closed by just pressing down.

Rounded edges on the crossbars and separators of the chain also ensure a long service life for hoses and cables. In addition, notches and a positioning scale enable optimum separation of the energy chain.

What’s more, a new kind of strain relief ensures safe and flexible strain relief at the same time. Its honeycomb-like structure automatically adapts itself to the inserted cables and their different diameters. The design engineer who chooses this product acquires freedom to decide when in his engineering processes he wants to place the cables and the ability to change them without complication.

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