Technavio offers market research report on the global superconductor market from 2018-2022

Editor’s note: If wind turbines are to generate more than 12 MW at lower weights, a superconducting, direct-drive  generator might be needed. Also, superconducting transmission lines would allow an Iowa wind farm to send power to, say, Ohio, or the coasts.

Technavio has announced its newest market research report on the global superconductor market for the period 2018 to 2022, providing the latest cutting-edge insights on this popular market.

The updated research report on the global superconductor market is an integral part of Technavio’s semiconductor equipment portfolio. The industry is extremely competitive and consists of many semiconductor equipment manufacturers who are looking to expand their consumer base by offering products that set them apart from their peers. Some of the topics in this sector include semiconductor wafer cleaning systems, MOCVD market in power electronics, CO2 laser, and semiconductor CVD equipment.

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Superconductors: market opportunities

Superconductors are materials that allow the passage of electricity with zero resistance at their critical temperature (Tc). There is no loss of energy in the form of heat or sound due to zero resistance.

In the previous report, a senior analyst at Technavio stated, “A superconductor is not affected by external magnetic fields when in its superconducting state due to the Meissner effect. This is a unique property exhibited by them. There is an increase in demand for superconductors due to their wide adoption in various applications in the commercial, medical, and industrial sectors.”

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Topics covered in the previous report include:

Key segments

Low-temperature superconductors

High-temperature superconductors

Key regions




Other features: Market drivers, market challenges, market trends, competitive landscape

Using its past investigation as a first stage, Technavio’s new report will re-assess the market with an eye for new improvements in the field of superconductor market. The report on the global superconductor market for 2018-2022 is available to order now and will be delivered within one week of purchase.

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