MRI-compatible absolute rotary encoder with 13-bit resolution

Micronor introduces the world’s first commercially available, MRI-compatible fiber optic absolute rotary encoder system. The all-optical, non-metallic MR338 passive sensor provides precision absolute angular measurement from 0° to 360° with 13-bit (8,192 count) resolution and 12-bit multi-turn tracking. A duplex multimode fiber optic link connects the passive MR338 Sensor to the active MR330 Controller Module

L&L Drive-CLiQ encoders looking for heavy-duty work

Leine & Linde has launched Drive-CLiQ on an encoder platform for long life operations in harsh drive environments such as exposure to strong vibration, shock, and mechanical loads.  This means the new encoder is easily installed to the motor mechanics typically found in heavy duty applications such as paper mills, steel plants, and cranes, without

LEINE & LINDE offers heavy duty, dual resolution encoders for safety apps

The sturdy mechanical structure and enhanced reliability designed into Leine & Linde’s heavy duty Model 800 Series rotary encoders supports their long history of successful operation in tough motion control environments, such as within the wind power, steel, and paper industries. Now, two new encoder models with dual outputs augment this product line for use

HEIDENHAIN software tests encoders

The recent Adjustment and Testing Software (intended for use with HEIDENHAIN’s PWM 20 diagnostic tool) provides a powerful and easy-to-use platform to diagnosis encoder faults and evaluate output signals of the company’s encoders. Signals can be evaluated on a bench workstation or while the encoder is still connected to the control of a machine so

RSF offers exposed linear encoder with LED status display

The new RSF MS 45 brings to market an exposed linear encoder that features an integrated status display with a multicolor LED to facilitate simple mounting as well as to allow for monitoring signal quality during operation. This frictionless kit-style encoder is perfect for motion feedback applications such as the low cost linear motor market

How are encoders used in wind turbines?

It turns out that high vibration and temperature extremes kill even “heavy duty” optical encoders. So to handle such loads, encoder manufacturers have designed units just for wind turbines. There are three or four basic applications for encoders on the wind turbine, depending on turbine design: Blade pitch, which controls the amount of wind each

Absolute rotary encoders added to Heidenhain line

Heidenhain has expanded its absolute rotary encoder offering with the new RIQ/IQN 425 series. These sturdy, inductive rotary encoders were designed for use in applications in the automation and wind energy industries, wood machining, tracking systems for photovoltaic facilities and direct measurement of elevator cabins, to name a few. The rotary encoders of the RIQ

Encoder interface outputs to Siemens Drive CLiQ

In an effort to increase encoder compatibility with Seimens controls, Heidenhain has developed the EIB 2391S interface box. Ideal for applications with Sinamics drive components, the EIB 2391S enhances the serial interface offering for many of Heidenhain’s absolute encoders. With IP 65 and its compact size, the EIB 2391S is suitable for any industrial environment.

High performance, hollow-shaft encoder features sine and cosine output

Baumer has introduced the high performance HS35S Sin/Cos Encoder to its family of incremental hollow-shaft encoders. Ideal for motor and drive control in a range of heavy duty industries and harsh environments, this encoder’s ultra-precise optical scanning system delivers unrivaled sine-cosine 1V P-P output for exact positioning systems with absolute accuracy to 60 arc seconds

Magnetic ring encoder has speed feedback for large shafts

The constant challenge in the wind industry is to increase the output power of the turbines at the same time as reducing weight. A current trend is to use permanent magnet generators in order to exclude the gearbox and thus decrease the total weight. These solutions often require a speed feedback encoder mounted on the