Encoders 101

Most double-feed induction generators require encoder feedback for top performance and line synchronization. But the high vibration and temperature extremes kill even “heavy duty” optical encoders. Recent encoders have been designed for wind turbine applications. The devices indicate the angular position of a rotating shaft and are often described as incremental or absolute. But there

Encoders slash downtime for generators

A line of encoders fit existing shafts and flanges while offering high durability. Avtron says its devices’ bearings are rated to over five times greater loads, and include magnetic sensors that shrug off dirt, grease, condensation, and oil. The encoders slash wind-turbine generator downtime while providing protection from all wiring errors. HS45 and AV45 add

Generators need more durable encoders

Encoders serve an important purpose, so choosing the right one is an essential but complicated task. The device must work reliably, even in a tough environment. I’ve climbed a lot of turbines and can confidently say that wind applications are among the toughest around. With that in mind, think about where you’ll find encoders in