Vaisala’s pressure and humidity sensors soon again on their way to space

The new mission equipment will complement the already existing measurement tools on Mars taken there by Curiosity in 2012.

RCE to assist Vail Resorts in identifying renewable energy opportunities

Vail Resorts, announced that the company has engaged Boulder, Colorado-based Renewable Choice Energy (RCE), a Schneider Electric company, to help identify and implement renewable energy projects that the company may purchase or fund as part of its comprehensive sustainability commitment. In hiring RCE, the Vail Resorts is taking a step in pursuing its “Epic Promise

It’s not a Zero but it’s a start: Ujet launches its first electric scooter

Ujet recently unveiled its first product, the Ujet electric scooter, which might redefine urban mobility – putting ease, joy, and practicality back into getting around.

MIT Technology Review tells how to get Wyoming wind to California, and cut 80% of U.S. carbon emissions

MIT Technology Review: It could carry as much as 3,000 megawatts of Wyoming wind power to the electricity markets of California, Nevada, and Arizona.

The top five wind stories of 2017

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018, a year of great promise for new wind industry development in the U.S. Before looking too far into the future, however, let’s take a quick look back to appreciate the progress wind power made in America last year.  1. Offshore wind is here Where 2016 was a year that

2018 promises to be a year of innovation in the energy sector

CEA’s “Campaign for America’s Energy” has identified five key innovation trends likely to change the future energy landscape in the coming years.

COMSOL 5.3a expands its multiphysics modeling tools

The company says Comsol multiphysicss and comsol server version 5.3a bring more modeling power to users with new numerical methods for multiphysics modeling and app development.

Renewable energy assists extracting potable water from the air

Developers of the WaterSeer say they have made strides reducing the cost and simplicity of a water generating device.

Off grid with zero emissions: Better than a grid extension and gensets

IDTechEx Ltd. says it now sees off-grid power as a backup against hurricanes taking down the grid, as with Tesla solar roof and Powerwall battery.

What will the energy transformation cost? Pathways for transforming the German energy system by 2050

The model-based study investigates scenarios of system development and related costs to transform Germany’s energy system in line with climate protection targets.