Atlas Copco Bolt Tightening Solutions launches its Flange Management System

Atlas Copco Bolt Tightening Solutions announces the launch of an innovative flange management system or iFMS.

HYTORC unveils its first consumer tool, a lithium ion battery-powered torque gun

The 18-volt, 4.1 Ah torque gun is just 7 pounds (with battery) and designed for applications with bolts 3/8-inch to ¾-inch in diameter and requiring 25-250 foot/pounds of torque. The product carries a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $2,499.

Custom bolts manufacturer Madden Bolt Corp debuts one-piece flow program for faster lead times

When priorities shift, project schedules change, or customers request rush delivery, Madden Bolt says its new flow program will enable the company to flexibly fulfill most rush orders for anchor bolts.

Torque calibration rig for bolting tools combines safety and accuracy

As part of the Premier range, the enclosure incorporates Norbar torque measurement equipment, an interlocked safety canopy, a heavy duty and robust modular frame, lockable pump cupboard and safety interlocks to ensure operator well-being during use.

AMG Bolting offer free guidelines for tightening bolt circles, up to 96 bolts

The guide includes the tightening pattern for 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 60, 76, and 96 bolts.

ZaGo sealing fasteners & components keep lube in, dirt out

ZaGO’s military standard parts have met the strict specifications of both the Metric Standard and NASM82496. ZaGO’s MS3212/MS3213 parts are time-tested and pressure tested. The company says it is the only manufacturer of sealing screws capable of performing NASM specified pressure testing. Users depend on cutting edge-machinery to do some of the most complicated, vital tasks out there. Whether extraordinary

New tool enables safer bolting with reduced risk of pinch points

Hydratight has launched a new accessory for its RSL torque wrench product line to increase safety and minimize the possibility of pinching during bolting operations.

Hytorc ICE bolting system sports built-in auto release, prevents lockups

With its innovative design, the tool is able to release pressure after bolting for quick movement from nut to nut, improving operator efficiency and safety. It is also the only hydraulic bolting system that allows positioning without constraints from hoses and reaction members.

Think calibrations to keep bolting tools accurate

The objective for calibrating a torque tool is to ensure that it applies the torque the tool indicates it is applying.

New torque tools call for a technician’s upgrade

Tools changed with hydraulic capability, then electric versions, and more recently the idea of a bolting system entered discussions.