Moventas celebrates its gearbox factory expansion in Finland


Moventas Exceed

Moventas’ Exceed is designed to provide a competitive edge by lowering the LCoE of wind turbines. Learn more here.

Moventas says its factory expansion on wind-turbine gearbox assembly and testing capacity in Jyväskylä, Finland, is proceeding well. The topping out ceremony was celebrated in January, with municipally owned real estate company, Jykia Oy (formerly known as Jykes Kiinteistöt Oy).

The factory expansion was announced a year ago, and it will enable Moventas to meet the growing demand for its Exceed series gearboxes. Exceed is Moventas’ highest torque-carrying capacity product platform for high and medium-speed drivetrains in 3 MW and up.

The €17 million investment includes expansion of component manufacturing, serial production facilities and new 6-MW testing facilities.

“The new assembly and testing facility eliminates a bottleneck from our production,” said Moventas CEO, Arto Lahtela. “We will be able to respond to the growing demand and guarantee high-quality deliveries to our customers once the factory commences its operations.”

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