What to Expect from Hydraulic Seals

To attain their highest possible capacity factor, wind turbines must be sited where they will be exposed to as much consistent wind as possible. An assessment must often show a site to annually have about 2,500 hours of wind at about 25 mph to make it viable for a utility company. Consequently, all parts of

Considerations for Designing Turbine Hydraulics

An efficient, responsive, and reliable blade-pitch control on a wind turbine is made from many valves, pumps, hoses, reservoirs, and brakes. They must all work together to meet the demanding requirements placed on the pitch control in a turbine hub. An effective hydraulic blade-pitch control (BPC) requires knowing the performance characteristics of each component and

How clean is oil in the turbine? Monitor tells

Operators of hydraulic and lubrication equipment are paying more attention to oil contamination. On the one hand, more value is being placed on well-thought-out, high grade filters. And on the other hand, more attention is being paid to monitoring the oil’s cleanliness. In the case of high-value machinery, such as a gearbox up in a

Think proportional flow for blade-pitch control

To provide smooth and consistent power outputs, wind-turbine manufacturers use hydraulics to set the “pitch” of the rotor blade. The Eaton Vickers KB range of proportional flow control valves from Eaton’s Hydraulics Operations, Eden Prairie, Minn., has been the frequently selected valve to control blade pitch. It is globally installed in over 20,000 turbines. KB

Hydraulic yaw and pitch drives

For years, Nabtesco says it has been developing hydraulic equipment, engine accessory and fuel systems, and flight control systems for several Japanese Defense Agency programs. Now the company, a manufacturer of hydraulic drives and controls, is expanding into energy-efficiency and environment-friendly products. Hence, it has started a new business involving the application of hydraulic equipment

Filters for wind-turbine hydraulics

Eaton’s Vickers Filters handle flows to 450 gpm and pressures to 6,090 psi. Bypass valves, pressure drop indicators, and media grades facilitate filter installation and provide needed system cleanliness. A closer look at reservoir vent filters shows its useful features. These sport visual indicators and corrosion-resistant housings. In addition to particle control, these filters also

Hydraulic firm introduces quick-connect couplings

The range of hydraulic couplings has expanded for CEJN Industrial Corp., Gurnee, Ill, with several new series. Several new products meet the ISO 16028 standard and are available in many versions and sizes, including couplings in steel and stainless steel with a working pressure to 500 bar. ISO 7241-1 standard couplings in different sizes come

How to protect high-pressure hydraulics

A new rupture-disc assembly for wind-turbine hydraulic brakes protects equipment from damage and down time in the event of overpressure. Intended for the hydraulic brakes and yaw brakes of wind turbines, the rupture-disc assembly, model CD31179 provides accurate and leak-free overpressure relief for the control valve and hydraulic accumulator system. The hydraulic braking device, from

Pitch controls: electric, hydraulic, or something new?

Dr Sherif El-Henaoui                                                                                                         

Low pressure course on hydraulics for wind turbines

A four-and-a-half-day training course is aimed at sales and maintenance personnel who must understand hydraulics systems used in wind turbine operation. Wind Turbine Fundamental Hydraulics will be offered by industrial manufacturer Eaton Corp. “Nearly half of the utility-grade wind turbines in service depend on hydraulic pitch and yaw controls. Many of the others use electric