Since 1972, AMSOIL has been innovating and creating a legacy of being first. First to bring advancements in synthetic lubricants to market that were inspired and built by aerospace technology. AMSOIL became the first synthetic motor oil in the world to meet the American Petroleum Institute’s service requirements. That tradition continues today and over 40 years later, AMSOIL is still the leader in synthetic lubricants.


Entering the renewable energy market, AMSOIL’s PTN 320 Power Transmission EP Gear Oil solved the ongoing issues found in wind turbine power transmission gearboxes. Formulated to meet the extreme high demands of the industrial applications found within a wind turbine, AMSOIL PTN 320 quickly became the only name trusted by more Owner/ Operators and OEMs when selecting a main gearbox oil.

Today, AMSOIL PTN 320 is approved and factory filled by the world’s largest OEMs. Coming into our 10th year of real world operations, with an industry leading warranty and installation in over 30,000 MW. Where others continue to battle, AMSOIL PTN 320 oil has been tested and proven.


AMSOIL PTN 320 leads the industry with a proven record of being the best in water resistance, engineered wear control, and superior foam control, maximizing your assets ROI. AMSOIL was the first to bring a proven flushing procedure, later adopted by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), and the largest OEMs across the globe. AMSOIL PTN 320 has won the war on gearbox wear without the need for additional additive boosters or anti-foaming top treats.

AMSOIL understands the complexity of oil analysis and the oil change process better than any other supplier on the market. We have successfully supported our customers worldwide by devoting a dedicated staff of industry focused application engineers, global strategic distribution partners, industry leading tribologists, and a global sales support team experienced in the industrial and wind industries. As a product solutions and technically driven company first, AMSOIL’s devotion to the customer and devotion to protection, sets us apart from the competition making AMSOIL the first and last choice when it comes to a trusted name providing only the best in lubrication solutions.