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Aurora Bearing Co’s new LCOM Spherical Bearings outperform “LS” bearings
Like all Aurora Bearing spherical bearings, the LCOM series features a one piece steel raceway, swaged around the ball for a smooth, precise, close tolerance fit, along with the benefit of the strength and vibration resistance of steel. In addition, this series is optionally available with Aurora’s proprietary AT series PTFE liner, for a zero clearance, self lubricating fit.

Aurora LCOM Spherical Bearings were designed to offer a higher level of performance with dimensional interchangeability for the “LS” spherical bearing category; a market segment which has remained largely unchanged since the 1950s. “LS” bearings are characterized by being of 3 or 4 piece construction, with an inner ball, an outer ring, and a one or two piece brass, bronze, or copper alloy race between. Since the early 1950’s users of these bearings, which are also marketed with a “FLBG”, “RS”, or “VBC” prefix, have had to accept their low strength and poor vibration resistance due to the low strength race material. Aurora’s LCOM bearings incorporate superior materials and manufacturing processes to overcome the performance deficiencies associated with “LS” bearings.

COMM-M Bearings are stronger choice for DIN ISO 12240-1 applications
Metric spherical plain bearings built to DIN ISO 12240-1 (formerly DIN 648) schedule K often are made with inner races or rings made of brass, bronze or copper. For many low demand applications these bearings have proven to give satisfactory service. However, in applications with high loads or high vibration levels or both, the bearings can quickly develop excess clearance due to a deformation of the relatively soft race material.

This weakness is addressed in the Aurora Bearing Company’s COM-M series spherical bearings. Like all Aurora inch dimension spherical bearings, these metric bearings all feature a 1 piece steel raceway, cold formed around a chrome plated, alloy steel ball for strength, precision, and structural integrity. Aurora COM-M series bearings are available in sizes from 3mm to 30mm., and follow the dimensions of DIN 648 schedule K. Bearings are optionally available with Aurora’s self lubricating AT series ptfe liner, for a smooth, zero clearance fit that is self lubricating and maintenance free.

Maintenance free & corrosion resistant rod ends from Aurora
The Aurora CM/CW-ET series rod ends offer a combination of features unique in the rod end industry. Instead of the low strength steels typically found in stainless rod ends, the ET series features bodies made from heat treated 17-4PH material. Not only do they offer excellent corrosion resistance compared to conventional rod ends, they provide greater load capacity, strength, and durability as well. The ET series comes standard with Aurora’s exclusive AT2100 PTFE liner. This, combined with a heat treated 440C stainless ball, gives a durable, zero clearance, self lubricating, maintenance free bearing interface to go with the benefits of the heat treated body. Their two piece design allows exploiting these high performance features to be exploited at an economical price. The Aurora ET series bearings can be used to enhance the performance of equipment in wash down, marine, and other environments that require extra corrosion resistance.

Aurora Bearing Company was founded in 1971 and manufactures the world’s most complete range of rod end and spherical bearings. Configurations range from 2-piece economy commercial and molded race construction through 3-piece precision designs. Aurora also produces a full line of military spec rod ends, spherical bearings, and journal bushings. Custom designed rod ends, spherical bearings, and linkages are a specialty.

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