Bronto Skylift


Over 7,500 aerials built and in operation

Bronto machines have been used in wind farms globally for over 50 years and have been time-tested in the toughest conditions. Over 7500 Bronto aerials have been built and are in operation throughout the world. Aerial work platforms are by far the safest and most productive method of accessing turbine blades. And, they produce huge savings in both time and money for operators of wind farms over methods like rappelling or using a crane basket.

When using aerial work platforms workers are lifted to the overhead area in an 8-foot x 3-foot platform that they control directly from the platform. They control how fast it rises and where it is positioned, and they can lift up to 1000-pounds of men and materials to full working height in a matter of minutes. And, because the platform is telescoped up from a stable base on the ground, it can withstand winds speeds up to 28 mph (12.5m/s) when fully elevated.

Bronto aerials can also be configured with a variety of options that increase productivity when elevated. They
can be equipped with electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and water lines running inside the telescoping boom from the ground to the platform so that workers can operate powered tools and washers in the platform. This not only saves time, it is much safer as it eliminates having lines or hoses running down from the overhead platform to ground level.

Bronto Skylift manufacturers high-reach truck-mounted aerial devices from 36m to over 112m working height for wind turbine blade and tower inspection, maintenance and repair and other overhead applications.

Bronto Skylift
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