Ohio legislators voice strong support for state’s wind industry, especially Lake Erie’s Icebreaker project

A comment recently submitted to the Ohio Power Siting Board includes endorsements for obtaining wind-generated power from Lake Erie. The endorsements came from Senator Sherrod Brown, Congresswoman Marcia Fudge, Congressman Tim Ryan, and from two Ohio State Senators and a State Representative. The comment and endorsements were filed in the Case Record: http://dis.puc.state.oh.us/CaseRecord.aspx?Caseno=16-1871&link=DIVAC.  The comment is dated 11/03/17.

Ohio’s Lake Erie may soon look like this, but cooler.

These political leaders have spoken up to offer their crucially important endorsements for the Icebreaker wind farm project in Lake Erie. Their statements read:

“The development of this wind farm will harness Ohio’s manufacturing expertise and its renewable energy innovation, boosting the northeast Ohio economy and securing our energy future.”
– Senator Sherrod Brown.

“OH 11’s Project Icebreaker is key to ensuring America’s energy future. By harnessing the strength of one of our greatest natural resources – wind power – this project will bring good jobs, clean energy and technological innovation to our region and position Northeast Ohio as a national model. I am pleased to support Project Icebreaker and the development of wind power along Lake Erie’s shores.”
– Congresswoman Marcia Fudge (OH-11).

“There are over 8,000 component parts in the standard wind turbine, and these are parts that could be manufactured and assembled right here in Ohio. Instead of doubling down on fossil fuels, we should be increasing investment in alternate sources of energy like wind power in order to drive economic growth and innovation, help lower utility bills for hard-working men and women in our state, and leave a cleaner, safer environment for future generations.”
Congressman Tim Ryan (OH-13).

“Many of the biggest companies such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook have made renewable energy a priority when looking for places to expand. Ohio should be embracing the renewable energy industry and securing clean energy for our future.
Ohio is particularly fortunate in being able to include offshore wind as one of its clean energy assets.
We should be making use of it as soon as possible.”
– Ohio State Senator Michael Skindell (District 23).

“Northeast Ohio has a unique clean energy asset in offshore wind. It is important for all Ohioans that we continue to strive in advancing and maintaining diverse energy sources that contribute to a safer environment, good paying jobs, lower utility bills, increased educational opportunities, and a thriving economy for all communities.”
– Ohio State Senator Sandra Williams (District 21).

“It is not just progressive, but responsible, for leadership at every level to be committed to expanding opportunities for alternative and renewable energy production. We should be proactive and not reactive in terms of our environment and job creation.”
– Ohio State Representative Janine Boyd (District 9).

It is encouraging to see this level of support from our legislators, for the use of the clean energy resource that we are fortunate to have, close at hand, along the north shore of our state.

For more on the development of wind power in Lake Erie: windustrious.org

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