Easy-to-install obstruction lighting system

The IFH-1710 is a complete red LED obstruction lighting system. The single-cable installed system meets FAA AC 70/7460-1K requirements. The system features photocell, GPS, and field replaceable circuit boards. A wireless GPS-based flash synchronizer is configurable with competitor devices. The flash rate is adjustable for 20 or 30 fpm while the duty cycle adjusts for

Red flashing obstruction light includes infrared

Intended for illuminating wind turbines, this LED light is integrated with 2,000 cd visible red flashing output and night vision goggle compatibility from an IR light. As a stand-alone device, it combines photocell, power supply, and monitoring. Lightweight and easy to install, the L-450-864 G complies with FAA AC 70/7460-1K, IICAO Annex 14, volume 1

Dialight launches hazardous area LED with integrated wireless controls

Dialight, a manufacturer of LED lighting technology introduced the a Class I Div 2 certified LED lighting system featuring advanced integrated wireless controls. The new SafeSite High Bay with Wireless Control system offers a simple and secure touch-screen management interface that provides maximum lighting control and energy efficiency for both indoor and outdoor hazardous applications, such

DTS launches LED tubular lighting and floodlights for hazardous locations

DTS, a leading Thomas & Betts global brand for hazardous lighting and cabinets, now offers emergency lighting, linear tubular lighting and floodlights with the efficiency and durability of light-emitting diode (LED) technology. DTS is well recognized in the burgeoning IEC hazardous location market, and all three fixtures offer ATEX or IECex Zone 1 certifications. “The

Dialight introduces obstruction light with 10-year warranty

Dialight, a leader in LED lighting technology, has unveiled the first Class I, Div. 1 LED SafeSite High Bays to come with a 10-year full performance warranty. Featuring Dialight’s latest world class in-house designed power supply, the SafeSite LED High Bay improvements mark a major step forward in lighting reliability in hazardous area environments. This

Dialight launches SafeSite integrated LED obstruction lighting system

Dialight today launched its new Class I Div 2 certified FAA-approved SafeSite Integrated LED Obstruction Lighting System for medium intensity installations. Designed for signaling on smokestacks in petrochemical, power generation, pharmaceutical, and other hazardous locations, the complete system includes Dialight’s patented CID2 certified SafeSite L-864/L-865 dual red/white flash head, CID2 certified L-810 red side markers,

Vaisala releases the Advanced Total Lightning sensor

Vaisala has introduces its Advanced Total Lightning sensor, the LS7002, offering the latest in precision lightning technology. It is the first, non-VHF, lightning detection sensor to detect Total Lightning and, at the same time, correctly differentiate between cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning. The sensor is intended to operate as part of a network to provide real-time data

NextEnergy presents two $10,000 Advanced Energy Innovation Awards to Inmatech and Arborlight

Editor’s note:  The products developed by the new companies here will use electrical power, some generated by wind, more efficiently.  NextEnergy, a Detroit-based advanced energy technology accelerator awarded two $10,000 Advanced Energy Innovation Awards at the Great Lakes Entrepreneur’s Quest (GLEQ) Entrepreneur Connect 2013 event on June 18 in Lansing. Entrepreneur Connect, now it its

International Tower Lighting obstruction light has field-replaceable components

The IFH-1710 from International Tower Lighting uses LED technology and advanced optics in its red-light wind obstruction lighting system. The IFH-1710 connects with a single cable for ease of installation and meets FAA AC 70/7460-1K requirements. GPS flash synchronization comes standard and configures to match the flash rates of competitors. The lighting system has field-replaceable

Flash Technology obstruction light uses latest LED technology

The 370i Vanguard wind-obstruction light from Flash Technology provides improvements over previous generations by using the latest LED technology. With more intelligent features, ensuring longer life and easier installation, the Vanguard 370i is a leader in wind obstruction lighting, the company says. By-pass circuitry and monitoring prevents string failures and allows the loss of individual