Safety: Making MET towers more visible

Meteorological Evaluation Towers (MET) are placed in remote locations to gather wind resource data for one or two years. These MET towers vary in height from 60 to 100m (197 to 328 ft) above ground level (AGL) and are getting taller to provide the best wind data. Typically, towers under 200-ft AGL require no marking

LED obstruction light for renewable energy applications

Ohio-based obstruction light manufacturer Hughey & Phillips (H&P) has a new LED obstruction light for longer-lasting, more efficient fixtures, specifically in the renewable energy industry. H&P says their Horizon low-intensity products offer a solution for FAA L-810 steady burning lights and can be powered using a solar array for renewable energy applications. The Horizon L-810

Obstruction lights 101

Flashing warning lights on turbine nacelles are mostly for the benefit of aircraft flying at night. The lights have progressed from incandescent to LEDbased units. The features of several recent lights show advanced systems. One model of obstruction light comes in a one-piece mount. An internal enclosure houses the flash circuitry and GPS synchronization circuitry,

Lightning-strike database spots trends, aids analysis

  Vaisala has launched its Thunderstorm Total Lightning Database TLD100 and TLD200. These storage modules in the Vaisala Thunderstorm Information System archive cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning data. The TLD100/200 offers fast data collection, retrieval, and secure storage of processed lightning solutions for clients of the lightning detection system. The database is said to let lightning-network owners and

Four-ft 4-lamp LED is explosion proof

The EPL-48-4L-LED light fixture from Magnalight works well any place that needs a fully compliant, powerful, and durable explosion-proof light. A corrosion resistant housing constructed of copper free aluminum alloy, and four LED lamps enclosed within impact and heat resistant Pyrex tubes, these fixtures are durable and easily withstand the rigors of marine and industrial