A better way to automatically lubricate wind-turbine bearings

Manual lubrication is a thing of the past. Due to the demands of continuous operation, it is critical that the bearing points in wind turbines receive consistent and reliable lubrication. With its cost effective and efficient delivery, The WF range of automatic lubricators provides the ultimate solution for wind turbine lubrication.

Several wind-farm products from Timken are designed to lubricate rotating hub bearings. Two, in particular, are the AX and HDI. The designs let pumps to rotate 360 degrees, as they would in a hub.

The AX-WF pump is designed for the use with rotating hub bearings and provides a direct feed to each bearing by a dedicated feed line.

The HDI-WF pump is a progressive system that delivers the grease by a single pumping element into an SPL divider valve that delivers lube to several required bearing points.

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