Fluitec launches new turbine oil with 10 year performance guarantee

Fluitec International (http://www.fluitec.com) has announced the release of Infinity Fluids’ new turbine oil product, the first of its kind on the market: Infinity TO 32 and Infinity TO 46.

By effectively removing varnish producing by-products, Fluitec has created a pure turbine oil that will significantly extend the life of the application. Infinity TO eliminates the need for varnish mitigation technology during the life of the turbine oil. Its proprietary additive system was designed to not only capture but neutralize degradation products so they never have a chance to form deposits. It comes with a Ten-Year Deposit Control Guarantee that effectively backs the turbine oil for years after integration.

Fluitec International says it has released Infinity Fluids’ new turbine oil product that is the first of its kind on the market: Infinity TO 32 and Infinity TO 46.

“In effect, Infinity TO is the last turbine oil our customers will ever need. As the latest piece of our Fill-for-Life system, it’s not only the environmentally friendly solution but it’s the cost-effective solution as well. We’re thrilled to be able to offer such a revolutionary product and we can’t wait to see the positive impact Infinity TO has on the power generation and turbine industries.” said Pierre Vanderkelen, CEO for Fluitec.

InfinityTO’s performance characteristics were determined from the results of RULER, MPC, RPVOT, Viscosity, AcidNumber, Demulsibility, Foam, and Metals tests. These results show that after 18 weeks of rigorous testing there was virtually no varnish by-product to account for.

“Our goal for this product is to change the way the industry views oil. What if everyone viewed oil as a true asset rather than just another expense? That perspective shift would really, honestly, change the world. Infinity TO is a huge step in the right direction.” said Vanderkelen.

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