AI to give operations and maintenance a big boost in coming years

The research and forecasting firm says AI, or artificial intelligence, will increasingly automate operations over the next several years in ways that cut O&M costs and improve production.

Moventas celebrates its gearbox factory expansion in Finland

  Moventas says its factory expansion on wind-turbine gearbox assembly and testing capacity in Jyväskylä, Finland, is proceeding well. The topping out ceremony was celebrated in January, with municipally owned real estate company, Jykia Oy (formerly known as Jykes Kiinteistöt Oy). The factory expansion was announced a year ago, and it will enable Moventas to

Norsea and Wilhelmsen win offshore wind maintenance contract

NSG Wind and Wilhelmsen Ship Management have won a five-year frame agreement with TenneT, a European electricity transmission system operator. NSG Wind and Wilhelmsen Ship Management have secured a frame agreement running until 2022. The framework agreement is to provide a complete technical maintenance solution for TenneT’s off- and onshore transformer stations and AC electricity transmission

Brazed plate heat exchangers could help cool electronic equipment

The B320HT and LT are more compact, offer high mechanical strength and can handle higher capacities, allowing for cost, time and energy savings.

What criteria should be considered when selecting & maintaining encoders for wind turbines?

Wind turbines require accurate and reliable blade pitch-control to optimize wind generation and safeguard the asset from extreme conditions that could cause damage. Turbine generators also rely on precise feedback to properly control and synchronize energy output with line frequency. Disruption of these processes can lead to poor turbine performance, downtime, or costly repairs. Encoders

OrbiSCADA and TMC3 improve wind turbine controls

Control builder Orbital develops and produces wind turbine control systems of high performance and stability. One is OrbiSCADA.

ILSCO updates its TaskMaster Tools

ILSCO TaskMaster Tools are designed to endure grueling use and harsh environments while delivering the power, speed, efficiency and ergonomics that make any job faster and easier.

LogiLube and Winergy collaborate to test an oil condition monitor

LogiLube, LLC is a Wyoming-based technology company focused on developing edge-to-cloud-to-client Big Data predictive analytics and machine learning solutions in the field of intelligent machine health management.

Vestas introduces new anti-icing system & ice assessment tool for turbines in cold climates

Vestas has introduced an anti-icing solution to boost the business case for wind power plants in cold climates by removing ice-built up on the blades that would otherwise reduce wind turbines’ annual energy production (AEP). Vestas Anti-Icing System is based on electro-thermal heating elements embedded in the laminate directly below the blade’s surface. The control system

Siemens Gamesa & Vestas win service tenders for Iberdrola wind fleet

Iberdrola, through its subsidiary Iberdrola Renovables Energía S.A.U, has concluded the tendering process for the maintenance of a large portion of its wind-turbine fleet — 4,425 MWs operated in the Iberian Peninsula. The framework agreements have a combined value of €110 million and duration between two to three years, depending on the type of services